Glee 3.03

Oct. 4th, 2011 10:32 pm
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Oh my God, today's episode of Glee. I cried. Also yelled, bit my nails, flailed my hands around with emotion, danced, and was just generally really really engaged. MIKE CHANG EPISODE. MERCEDES EPISODE. I normally delete episodes after watching them but this is staying on my hard drive for at least another month.

Toooooooooooooo many feelings. Did anyone else watch? Come talk to me! Talk to me about how this is the episode I have been waiting for since season 1.

Mrs. Chaaaaaang.
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I watched five more episodes of Firefly! =D Truly I don't understand why I didn't like it before, my reaction's totally flipped. I like pretty much all the characters though I have my reservations with Mal. I know he's a decent person (the climax of nearly every episode seems to come around to that point really) but oh my gosh stop insulting Inara already. Seriously you can't say you respect her just not her career. Her career's a part of who she is! Calling her a whore every two seconds is NOT OKAY. >l

Other things!

+ I wish River and Simon were Chinese so much it hurts. Every time someone says something in Chinese there is the little voice in my head that cries about how there's a million signs of Chinese culture without any Chinese people. Their last names are Tam! It would have been so easy to cast them differently! And plus it would have made Simon seem a little less like the rich privileged white dude character Whedon is so very fond of writing (hay thar Wesley, how you doing?)

+ Sheppard Booook. Ugh I freaked out in that episode where he got shot because fandom never talks about Book so I was genuinely afraid they'd use his wound as an excuse to ship him off with the Alliance never to be heard from again. I LOVE BOOK. HE SHOULD STAY. HE IS A GOOD PERSON AND ALSO HAS AN EXCELLENT SENSE OF HUMOR.

+ Lolololol Jayne. Someday I will come to the middle of taking him seriously too! Right now I am very very far away. :D Also Jayne/Vera OTP 4 LYFE.

+ Inaraaaaaa. Oh my gosh can we be best friends and shop together and hang out forever? You are so pretty and nice and I think I might be putting you on my list of role model human beings. I would fight to defend your honour forever except for if you say you don't want me to in which case I will back the hell down MAL.

+ I just want to re-establish, every time Mal insults Inara I yell at the screen for him to shut the hell up. So if you could stop that Joss Whedon it would do wonders for my voice! Please and thank you!

+ Saffron comes back right? Because I vaguely recall seeing at least a couple fic with her and fandom doesn't generally attach that strongly to a oneshot character. Don't tell me if she doesn't, I'd rather hold on to hope.

+ Kaylee is ADORABLE and I want to sit down and have her school me on mechanics for days. Maybe you can make me less technologically incompetent Kaylee! I will totally buy you every frilly dress you want if you do!

+ Seriously though, I find it kind of hilarious how nearly every episode's end twist is that 'hey guys Mal isn't actually a bad guy!' Whedon, I get it already. Jerk With A Heart Of Gold! I use TV Tropes too you know.

On an unrelated note, I can't stop watching this video.

Ugh, someone stop me, I am two seconds away from downloading the series for a rewatch. I know it isn't as amazing as this video makes it seem! But it makes it look really really amazing. ;_; I was not aware I had this many unresolved Uraboku feelings.
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I have to run off to work in a few minutes but I just finished watching the pilot of Damages and I have to say.


If you're not watching this show you need to start right now.
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-pokes head out- Hey everyone. I'm alive but work's been eating up my general existance. I've tried to keep up with livejournal whenever I have an hour to spare but considering there have been days when I've hit skip 400 before running out of new entries I am certain I've missed something. So if there's anything big going on in your life you wanted to mention please feel free to do so in the comments!

This post has been inspired by the fact that I have the day off tomorrow and am wavering about deciding which show I want to catch up on. Do I watch those 3 episodes of Doctor Who I've missed? 5 episodes of The Borgias? Catch up with the Game of Thrones? (lol no, haven't watched since the pilot and tbh I found it kind of dull. Sorry LJ, I know you all love it) Watch my Downton Abbey library DVDs? Check out Can You Hear My Heart? Make an attempt to watch Parks & Rec Season Two because this is the third time I've checked it out from the library and this is getting a bit ridiculous? DECISIONS DECISIONS.

Or I could just read a boatload of fanfiction all day. Yeah, that's probably what's going to happen.
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+ I wanted to direct the Canadians on the flist to this petition asking the government to come out against usage-based billing. If you are confused as to what this even means I found this article pretty useful in explaining it to me.

+ The first season of The Good Wife is as good as everyone says it is and I can't decide who my favourite character is. @_@ They're all so amazing! The only thing I know so far is it's probably not Will because I find him a little dull compared to everyone else. Also I ship Peter/Alicia. IDEK I rarely ship couples where one of them cheated on the othor but I find them so interesting! I can really see why they got together to start with.

+ Did anyone else know Nickoledeon put up nearly all of the Avatar: the Last Airbender episodes online for free? I used to have hopes that I would do schoolwork whenever I took a break from watching The Good Wife and now they are utterly CRUSHED. I don't really regret this.

+ I was wondering why there was a sudden increase in awesome things on my flist today and I realized it's February. [ profile] halfamoon has started posting! Check it out for amazing lady-centric fannishness.
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I cannot stop laughing at this promo. I just. HE WANTS IT ALL. HE WANTS IT NOW.
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Does anyone on the flist watch Skins? I checked out the first episode today and was a bit ehh but I did think Cassie seemed rather sweet. Which y’know was good set up for how she proceeded to utterly break my heart in episode 2. I was crying by the end of the episode. ;_; Wow. Think I’m going to keep this show, if nothing else I want to know she turns out okay.
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Shortish feelings on TVD 2.06: Plan B. I find it harder to be wordy on things I like, don’t know why. )

And now for some reviews. I spend approximately three hours on commute every day for school and I usually use them to get some reading done. If I run out of stuff to read sometimes I write reviews in my notebook! I thought I’d just go ahead and type a few up for sharing purposes. =)

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. A study in how to make starcrossed gangster romance unappealing even to a particularly receptive audience )

And now for some tl;dr on Naruto.

Naruto Volume 47. I should probably mention I usually only do bus reviews if I had a problem with the story. When I like stuff I’d rather just spend my time rereading bits. )

I also wrote up about half a review of Batman: Under the Red Hood the other day but I don’t particularly feel like typing it up and finishing it right now. Suffice to say I thought it was a decent movie, the art and voice acting were adequate, I liked the smooth acrobatic way they choose to animate their fight scenes and it felt pretty accessible to someone who doesn’t know much of DC canon. Worth picking up from the library if you like Jason Todd.
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So I watched the new episode of Merlin! And it was great and Gwen's face had so many expressions and I hearted them all alot. But right now I want to talk about Avatar.

Flameo my good hotman! )
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I should always listen to [ profile] hmsharmony who is a TV Guru whose opinions are to be greatly respected. In other words, I checked out the Undercovers pilot. INSTANT LOVE. \o/ I love the Blooms! They are so pretty and married and bantery and I loooove them. Probably the person on the show whose feelings I most relate to is that young helper agent with the crush on Mr. Bloom since I too have a crush on this show. I think it is going to be like Sungkyunkwan Scandal for me (which is a show I really wish I could talk about more here. I probably could have managed it back during the first six episodes when I just liked the show but as of episode seven I fell head over heels and now the sum total of my thoughts on any episode tends to consist of 'I love you Kim Yoon Hee! I love you Moon Jae Shin! I love you Lee Sun Joon! I love you Cho Sun! Student body president, I demand you stay at least ten feet away from Yoon Hee and Cho Sun at all times.)

Also I ran into FOUR separate people I am friendly with today at York. \o/ One of them is a girl I haven't seen since I was in ninth grade in high school! It was a very pleasant surprise.
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Oh my gosh guys. Oh my gosh. I want every episode to have Zuko dating girls okay? What does he do for fun? NOTHING. Zuko Zuko you are killing me here, how such a hilarious girldating failcake?

And when she was going in for the kiss! And the COUPON. Laughing FOREVER.

But you know, the thing with the lanterns was pretty smooth. GOOD JOB ZUKO.

Also guys how much do you want to bet that was his first kiss? I totally believe that was his first kiss. =DDD

In conclusion: Zuko/girls is the BEST.

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I have watched five more episodes of Avatar. It's totally awesome! Also after seeing Toph my brother and I are in mutual agreement she is one of the coolest characters ever. How so awesome Toph? Can you teach us to be half as cool as you?

Also you know what is a noticable difference from season 1? The addition of so many more ladies! It is like someone went up to the showrunners after the finale and was like guys, Katara is totally excellent! We love her! But it is probably a heavy burden to bear, being the only recurring XX chromosome representative. Could you maybe lighten her load? And they looked at the show and were like oh my God, you're totally right! Our bad, we'll get on that right away!

Guys, this show is so great! And Zuko is so hilarious, I love him. THROW LIGHTNING AT ME, YOU'VE DONE EVERYTHING ELSE. He should hang out with King Lear! And Azula was kind of a sociopath even when she was tiny and I love her too. But in a very ten miles away hands off manner. Also do they ever tell us what happened to Zuko's mom? We think she totally killed Firelord Azulon for saying to sacrifice Zuko and died in an epic firefight but it could be something else entirely! (If it was don't tell me! I just want to know if the show ever definitely says what happened to her)

Okay, I need to go to bed now, my sleep schedule is still set to summer and it is not helping me with my class concentration.
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So I marathoned the last six episodes of this today and am currently feeling very friendly towards this drama! Let's see if I can still manage to keep things objective though.

A pretty boy idol plays a star who can't act well but does take his shirt off alot. Yeah, it's a little meta )

Conclusion: Fun drama! The early episodes managed quite a bit of charm and humor and while it got a little draggy towards the middle it stayed watchable and paid off at the end. (Episode 15 = love and joy forever ♥♥♥) Final rating: 7/10.
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I figured out a show I can watch while fasting! =DDDD Basically I've been watching stuff after iftar and going to bed at like 1 or 2 because apparently I have reached the point where my day is incomplete without at least an episode or two of TV. But! I borrowed the second season of The Sarah Jane Adventures from the library yesterday. It's lots of fun and about as G-rated as you can get so I officially have daytime television again. \o/ I miss Maria but I think from what I've seen of Rani so far she'll work out fine. Also it's nice to see an Indian family on TV. It's like a tiny taste of home (the neighbourhood I've lived in the past ten years is like 50% Desi)

Also I really really need to stop reading Doctor Who fic soon. >_> I keep looking at my Susan Pevensie file and feeling bad because I am supposed to be reading about her! And finishing my post! Bad bad procrastinating Zeineb.
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Hey hey you know what I just noticed? Supernatural is done! =DDDDDD Okay, now I actually want to watch it (I love closed canons. Mostly because there's a chance I can FINISH them. Possibly this explains why this has turned into the summer of jdrama/kdrama love? (omg someone stop me, I started Princess Ja Myung Go yesterday, it is 39 episodes long, what is this even, I started watching dramas to get AWAY from the super long shows. I JUST WANT TO FINISH SOMETHING ALREADY. T_T)).

Although I hear some rumblings about a sixth season which WHATEVER I will believe it to be LIES because I don't want Supernatural to be the show that never ends. >( Anyways, I will go put season two on hold now! I HEAR IT'S THE MOST AWESOME ONE.

EDIT: You know what I find hilarious? How much Brampton residents don't care about Supernatural. =DDDDD Usually there's tons of holds on season dvd sets of currently airing shows. Supernatural season 2 has two and season 3 has none (season 4 has eight). Keep being awesome Brampton.
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Spent the entire day marathoning Dark Angel. Show is a tease, it is actualfax taunting me with its Max/Logan moments. T_T ALL I WANT IS SOME KISSING NOT IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY A MUTUAL DECISION TO FORGET ALL ABOUT IT. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

(I could also be down with a bit of Max/Ben too but only in a temporary Gwen/Lancelot sort of way and only because of my thing for hot sociopath come with me to the dark side love).

3 episodes to go to finish the season, I'll probably come back to poke about lj then.

Oh and I thought Doctor Who today was lovely, I was rooting for Van Gogh to join Team TARDIS. Need an icon of the three of them holding hands on the grass.


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