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Hi lj! Here is a story about me and why I have disappeared off the face of the Internet. On the night of December 31st, 2011 a lone Zeineb thought to herself about how the very next day would be a brand new year in which she could try being the rad person she had the potential to be. She decided to implement a bunch of new year resolutions the details of which are boring to delve into but basically boil down to be a cooler person. Here are some things she tried in keeping with these resolutions!

+ Taking a 120% course load
+ Starting tae kwan dao lessons three times a week.
+ Taking the tafseer classes offered by the campus MSA.
+ Running about giving her resume for work and volunteer positions.
+ Readings and reviewing a book a day on goodreads.

So far these resolutions have been surprisingly successful! It helps that I am perfectly willing to be flexible on things like the definition of a 'book' (manga volumes absolutely count as do comics) and a 'review' (I see no reason why three sentences and two gifs should not be adequate to convey my feelings on a story). The only downside to this quest to improve myself is I have very little free time to spend online any more. :( I decided to keep a monthly media log on livejournal instead of yearly though, so I have at least one guaranteed post each month. I'd love to hear what you've all been up to. Any good books? Movies? New Year's resolutions you are determined to keep up with by hook or crook?

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Did you know when you work two days a week and join anime club and attempt to have a social life outside of campus every spare minute you have ends up being used to finish your course readings?

Every spare minute.

I don't want to read The Iliad any more. I want to read Gail Carriger's Soulless. :(

And I don't want to read about Multilevel Governance and Policy Making. I want to watch Torchwood.

Why did I ever think I wanted a life. Why. Internet > life every time.
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Aughhhhh I lost my laptop charger at school, I feel like kicking myself in the face, WHY. ;_; I am going to go bury myself in shojo manga and buy a new one ASAP, I can't deal with this whole no computer for you once the battery dies business.

P.S. Tried out Firefly, pilot did not seem boring this time. Idk maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it when I tried it in high school? Now I want to give The West Wing a second shot to see if I like it better now too.
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ARGH. You know what is super unhelpful when I have exactly one day off and approximately five million things to get done during it? MY DAD GOING I TOLD YOU SO EVERY TWO SECONDS.

-minor nuclear meltdown-

Okay, okay, I need some music and to get on a bus to Yorkdale immediately. I can do this. -breathes-
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-pokes head out- Hey everyone. I'm alive but work's been eating up my general existance. I've tried to keep up with livejournal whenever I have an hour to spare but considering there have been days when I've hit skip 400 before running out of new entries I am certain I've missed something. So if there's anything big going on in your life you wanted to mention please feel free to do so in the comments!

This post has been inspired by the fact that I have the day off tomorrow and am wavering about deciding which show I want to catch up on. Do I watch those 3 episodes of Doctor Who I've missed? 5 episodes of The Borgias? Catch up with the Game of Thrones? (lol no, haven't watched since the pilot and tbh I found it kind of dull. Sorry LJ, I know you all love it) Watch my Downton Abbey library DVDs? Check out Can You Hear My Heart? Make an attempt to watch Parks & Rec Season Two because this is the third time I've checked it out from the library and this is getting a bit ridiculous? DECISIONS DECISIONS.

Or I could just read a boatload of fanfiction all day. Yeah, that's probably what's going to happen.

Dear Mom,

Dec. 13th, 2010 06:09 am
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In the future, if you notice a problem with my bed sheets kindly leave me a note to this effect and do not wake me at 5:45 in the morning to fix it.


Your Tired and Irritated Daughter
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Hahahaha oh guys it is ridonkulously late and I am still working on this essay and I am fortifying myself with pictures of actors/actresses from and also pictures of the Undercovers cast. Because pretty people actually do make me feel better when I've been working on an essay for five hours straight. Also, wow, there were like seven typos up there, clearly it is too late for spelling. I will end this post before I reveal myself to be more ridiculous than I already have.
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Did some of my readings! Have now gained an overinflated sense of confidence in my ability to finish things. Poli Sci fail paper? Hinduism response paper? English essay of which I still have no idea what I'm writing about? NO PROBLEM. I'M ON TOP OF THINGS. S'ALL GOOD.

This is no excuse to take an extra break to go read though. Even if the girl on this cover looks remarkably like Morgana from Merlin. (She looks so much like her! Am I going to imagine this entire book is Merlin AU fic? Yes, yes I am)

ANYWAYS. It is time to tackle the fail paper. STAY STRONG SELF.

And thank you all for the comments, you guys are wonderful. Hugs for everybody!
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I am freaking myself out right now. D= Okay so this past week has been reading week. And I have alot of assignments to do! And I've been putting them off because they are hard and I'm pretty sure one of them was actually set up to make us fail (who the hell says to do background research for something but not to do a bibliography? That is like a recipe for accidental plagiarism oh my god, I hate this prof). And now there are four days and the thought of all the work I have to do is making me PANICKY. DDDDDDD=

Okay. OKAY. Deep breaths. And no more doing the thing where I ignore things that stress me out and go watch TV or something because that is counterproductive and only leds to MORE STRESS.

I think I will just start with my readings. Beause that is easy and I can have the ego boost of having accomplished something before doing something hard (like the FAIL assignment which is worth 30% of our grade did I mention how much I hate this prof?)

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I tried to put the milk in the cutlery drawer this morning. -facepalm- This is why I need at least a full eight hours sleep. Are you listening little brother who woke me an hour early when I had already set my alarm to make sure I got that? >(((((
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I should always listen to [ profile] hmsharmony who is a TV Guru whose opinions are to be greatly respected. In other words, I checked out the Undercovers pilot. INSTANT LOVE. \o/ I love the Blooms! They are so pretty and married and bantery and I loooove them. Probably the person on the show whose feelings I most relate to is that young helper agent with the crush on Mr. Bloom since I too have a crush on this show. I think it is going to be like Sungkyunkwan Scandal for me (which is a show I really wish I could talk about more here. I probably could have managed it back during the first six episodes when I just liked the show but as of episode seven I fell head over heels and now the sum total of my thoughts on any episode tends to consist of 'I love you Kim Yoon Hee! I love you Moon Jae Shin! I love you Lee Sun Joon! I love you Cho Sun! Student body president, I demand you stay at least ten feet away from Yoon Hee and Cho Sun at all times.)

Also I ran into FOUR separate people I am friendly with today at York. \o/ One of them is a girl I haven't seen since I was in ninth grade in high school! It was a very pleasant surprise.
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Dancing for hours is the best. =DDDD Even when there are random women in yellow hijabs who shake their fingers at you for totally ignoring the whole traditional sha fa fa thing to do whatever you want. It's cool Yellow Lady! We're doing Eritrean Dancing: 2010 Style. =DDDD

For real though she was hilarious. We actually did quit for a little because we were laughing so hard. xD

Okay bed now. Or Merlin. On a scale of one to ten how tired am I? -ponders-


Sep. 29th, 2010 05:59 pm
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Hey flist, any of you in something called the Golden Key International Honour Society? I got invited to join, I'm kinda curious what it's like. They have a 90$ membership fee so I don't want to bother unless it really opens up alot of opportunities.
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I went to the library yesterday and borrowed like 16 books (putting the total up to 51 =D) and now looking at my bookshelf is making me so happy.

Books are my one true love, for serious. I don't even need to be reading them! Just seeing them. Being there. Being awesome. It's the BEST. \o/

Although I am mildly concerned that one day my mother is going to make good on her threat and just return them all to the library one day when I am not home. D= Man isn't it enough that I acknowledge I have a problem? I don't want to fix it! I like my problem!

Also if anyone wants any recs now is the time to hit me up. =D I just read three volumes of manga and one non-fiction yesterday, I am on a book ROLL.

EDIT: Robin Benway has new book out! About three sisters with supernatural powers! JOY AND HAPPINESS YAY YAY YAY. \o/ Today is my new favourite day.
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Guys. I think I am going to have to work hard this year. For a sustained amount of time. T_T Man, university is a total bait and switch. They gave me this ridiculously easy first year just so I would feel all chill and like I could handle things and then BAM!

Also, thumbs down on profs who do not allow laptops in class. :/ From now on I will know to inquire about such things beforehand.
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You know what's not fun? Choking for five minutes. :l I don't really feel like eating anymore now.
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I haven’t posted about the whole Burn a Quran Day fiasco because to be honest, I don’t really want to think about it. I’ve already talked to people about it offline, I don’t particularly feel like having to do the same on lj. This youtube video expresses my feelings pretty well though.

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It's Eid today! =D Went to prayers, had much good food, had certain relatives cancel on visiting us boo.

Also I watched some TV )
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Just figured out how to take screencaps on VLC media player, expect a sudden increase in picspams in the future. =DDD And now I am going because tomorrow is Eid (\o/!!!) and there is much cleaning and baking to be done.

P.S. Vampire Diaries is coming back toniiiiight.
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So classes are starting soon, yay. Have been reading Rachel Cohn's Very LeFreak starring a young lady who is a technology addict. Am slightly worried as to how much I can understand her feelings. :/ It's reminding of the time my mom threatened to send me to an Internet addiction camp.

Recently discovered this intriguing new website. Am hoping my existing familiarity with the language will help me acquire it. (I can understand spoken Tigrigna! Or house Tigrigna anyways, I have a little more trouble with relatives who are not saying oft-repeated phrases like set out the table or come downstairs or so on)

Why am I even posting, my life is epically boring lately. :l Maybe it is a sign from God that I should be job hunting already, it's not like I have anything better to do.


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