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Shortish feelings on TVD 2.06: Plan B. I find it harder to be wordy on things I like, don’t know why. )

And now for some reviews. I spend approximately three hours on commute every day for school and I usually use them to get some reading done. If I run out of stuff to read sometimes I write reviews in my notebook! I thought I’d just go ahead and type a few up for sharing purposes. =)

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. A study in how to make starcrossed gangster romance unappealing even to a particularly receptive audience )

And now for some tl;dr on Naruto.

Naruto Volume 47. I should probably mention I usually only do bus reviews if I had a problem with the story. When I like stuff I’d rather just spend my time rereading bits. )

I also wrote up about half a review of Batman: Under the Red Hood the other day but I don’t particularly feel like typing it up and finishing it right now. Suffice to say I thought it was a decent movie, the art and voice acting were adequate, I liked the smooth acrobatic way they choose to animate their fight scenes and it felt pretty accessible to someone who doesn’t know much of DC canon. Worth picking up from the library if you like Jason Todd.
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Sorry [ profile] amari_sakura! I actually started on your drabble a long time ago, but it was getting big and not relating to the keyword at all so I had to scrap it. Luckily I got hit with an idea this morning so I wrote a new one.

It's under a hundred words! I'm so proud. :D )

This is my first drabble attempt that actually meets the definition of a drabble (100 words or less)! Next time I'll try for a hundred words precisely.
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I was going through the writing folder on my computer and I realized I never quite finished my 20 Facts on Hanabi. I'm posting them here before I go to [ profile] 20_truths so I can get suggestions and editing.

20 Little Known Facts About Hyuuga Hanabi )

And I just realized that I severely abuse italics in here. -_-; Nice Zeineb, nice.
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So. My cousin and I were discussing Zabuza. And he said he was weak because he lost to Kakashi and in his opinion Kakashi isn't that strong because Naruto and Sasuke could own him (talking about the big battle at the valley of the end). To which I replied that's because Kakashi is normal...ish and Naruto and Sasuke are SUPERPOWERFULMAINCHARACTERSOFDOOM. ;D Lovable though. So anyways that's when our conversation turned back to Zabuza and got more interesting (note my cousin has a monkey obsession).

Cut for pointless brain-killing conversation )

Now that I think about it that's more of a briefly summarized version of our conversation because we went on for quite awhile but I doubt anyone wants to hear the full thing anyways. :)


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