Nov. 24th, 2010 11:04 am
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I am nearly through the weeks from hell! I just have to write my English research essay today and hand it in tomorrow and I can finally take a breather. And then start studying for exams because the universe thinks it's hilarious to schedule things so I have them all in the same week (December 7-10). In the interests of giving everyone else a taste of my procrastination fodder I am going to link to some awesome things.

1) [ profile] prozacpark's Katherine vid Cheap and Evil Girl is an excellent three minute demonstration of why Katherine Petrova has managed to edge her way into Favourite Character Status this season.

2) Relatives & Relativity - Doctor Who/Sense & Sensibility crossover where Nine meets the Dashwood sisters. Go ahead, it's cool, I'll still be here when you get back.


Not my favourite Bollywood picturization but they are dancing on a moving train. Respect.

4) meloukhia's Glee critiques are basically perfect.

5) I deal with not being able to see the Harry Potter movie by reading every review I can find. [ profile] anythingbutgrey does some awesome meta with regards to the movie's use of Holocaust imagery.


This vid made me add Que Sera Sera to my To Watch list. The angst will be delicious. 8)

7) Assimilation

Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on.

8) I prefer this translation of Sea of Shadows to the Tokyopop one.


AHAHAHAHAHA. "Goddamn it CUT!"

10) Stephanie Brown summarizes 70 years of DC history. This is adorable.
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So I watched the new episode of Merlin! And it was great and Gwen's face had so many expressions and I hearted them all alot. But right now I want to talk about Avatar.

Flameo my good hotman! )

Vid Rec

Sep. 26th, 2010 01:06 am
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Watched this vid. I think I like Jet now? 0_o I guess I should not be surprised, clearly Avatar is the show where I am destined to like every single character.

Hey, anyone want to rec me Ursa fic? =D I am being careful about where I go in Avatar fandom because I do not want to be spoiled for season 3 revelations.
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Oh my gosh guys. Oh my gosh. I want every episode to have Zuko dating girls okay? What does he do for fun? NOTHING. Zuko Zuko you are killing me here, how such a hilarious girldating failcake?

And when she was going in for the kiss! And the COUPON. Laughing FOREVER.

But you know, the thing with the lanterns was pretty smooth. GOOD JOB ZUKO.

Also guys how much do you want to bet that was his first kiss? I totally believe that was his first kiss. =DDD

In conclusion: Zuko/girls is the BEST.

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I have watched five more episodes of Avatar. It's totally awesome! Also after seeing Toph my brother and I are in mutual agreement she is one of the coolest characters ever. How so awesome Toph? Can you teach us to be half as cool as you?

Also you know what is a noticable difference from season 1? The addition of so many more ladies! It is like someone went up to the showrunners after the finale and was like guys, Katara is totally excellent! We love her! But it is probably a heavy burden to bear, being the only recurring XX chromosome representative. Could you maybe lighten her load? And they looked at the show and were like oh my God, you're totally right! Our bad, we'll get on that right away!

Guys, this show is so great! And Zuko is so hilarious, I love him. THROW LIGHTNING AT ME, YOU'VE DONE EVERYTHING ELSE. He should hang out with King Lear! And Azula was kind of a sociopath even when she was tiny and I love her too. But in a very ten miles away hands off manner. Also do they ever tell us what happened to Zuko's mom? We think she totally killed Firelord Azulon for saying to sacrifice Zuko and died in an epic firefight but it could be something else entirely! (If it was don't tell me! I just want to know if the show ever definitely says what happened to her)

Okay, I need to go to bed now, my sleep schedule is still set to summer and it is not helping me with my class concentration.
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I watched the first five episodes of season 2 of Avatar! I can officially say I do not understand shipping wars in Avatar fandom since there are no ships. Like there's a little Katara/Aang but mostly it is just Aang having a crush and Katara not noticing! It is very confusing to me. :/

Zuko's sister and her girl crew are cool though. =)

-has no deep thoughts-
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I meant to signal boost this earlier but I forgot. Got reminded through a conversation about the racefail of the Avatar movie with [ profile] thatdayismine. Thanks Nav!

These Are My Colours

If you think that stories are not important, if you think a movie that just removed real world people from the landscape of a source material that respected and loved their 5000 years of culture and history is no big deal, if you've never known what it means to be erased from your own world and told to be thankful for it, I want you to do something for me.

Stop thinking. Stop feeling. Put down your books, put down your pens, forget your stories. Close your eyes and plug your ears. Forget what your story sounds like. You have no myths. You have no history. Stop breathing with your heart and living in your head. Your dreams are worthless, because they are not real. They are not tangible. You can't sell them. They are worthless. Go outside and consume, consume, consume. But never question. Never speak. Never dare to feel that you've been malnourished or mistreated. Never, ever admit that you have been poisoned. Be satisfied; you are well fed.

Remember: It's no big deal. It doesn't matter. And neither do you.

Please don't watch the Avatar movie guys.
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[ profile] hmsharmony gave me Merlin, Doctor Who, and Avatar: the Last Airbender. From Doctor Who I've only seen season 1, the Christmas special, and the first episode of season 2. From Avatar I've seen the first fourteen episodes. So keep that in mind peeps!

Let's go! )

So hey, that was fun. SORRY I FAIL SO BADLY AT PROPERLY ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS [ profile] hmsharmony.


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