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Memes everywhere! All the flist seems to be posting memes! =O Decided to go with the fandom one since it's not as though I have a real life. ;)

So this is New Year's / And what have you done )
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BEAUTIFUL. =DDDDDD 80s commericals were so much better than the ones we have now. Also I am now officially convinced, I want to watch Old Who. Any recommendations for episodes?
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I can't remember if I've recced this before but this is not the sort of vid that can be recced too often!

Lullaby For a Stormy Night I just keep watching this over and over and it never loses its magic for me. Especially the part from Once even I was a little child/ And I was afraid -- it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Oh Eleven how so amazing? How so able to evoke such an emotional response from me when even Ten's epic angsting regenerating "I don't want to go' couldn't? (Well that's probably why really, that scene and Doomsday just veered too much into emotional manipulation territory for them to hit me. I mean Rose pounding on the wall! Ten's angstface! I knew I was SUPPOSED to be devastated but I am just contrary that way I guess). [ profile] hmsharmony, this is one of the vids I was telling you I really want you to check out once you've finished the season. Don't look at it now, it's full of spoilers.

<3333 Have I mentioned how fifth season Who is the season of my HEART? Because it is you know.

[ profile] metatardis: Also I love this comm immensely, the piece on Eleven as the "Unearthly Child" is my favourite meta since the Doctor Who-Neverending Story comparison I keep reccing.
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I don't normally like to speculate on people's extracurriculars but what on Earth was RTD smoking when he wrote this?
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There is no food in the house and yesterday I bought a dozen bagels and some slice cheese and I have been eaten nothing but this, hot dogs, plums, and Scooby Doo snacks since. D= MY BODY IS CRYING OUT FOR NON-PROCESSED FOOD WHAT DO I DOOOOOO.

It does help that I've been mostly reading Doctor Who fic the past two days though. I think it might be my One True Fandom.

The other thing I read was the new House of Night book and someone should tell me not to write fix it fic for it because I don't even like this series, I think it's horribly written, and the protaganist is annoying and it sucks on gender and race and I don't WANT to write fic with girl!Rephaim or the totally gen story of how Stevie Rae and Rephaim's relationship SHOULD have gone instead of how it did. >(((((( I DON'T LIKE THIS SERIES ENOUGH TO FIX IT OKAY?

Look it's Doctor Who fic! -too lazy to make proper rec posts anymore-

And I don't want to write girl!Stark either so quit it brain. >(
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Today I watched Kamen Rider Kabuto and Mei-Chan no Shitsuji! One is a tokusatsu where our heroes fight evil shape shifting aliens called Worms. The other is delicious shoujo crack about a school of rich girls and their butlers. They both have the extremely important unifying factor of Mizushima Hiro's face. =DDDDDDD I think I am going to watch more of Mei-Chan because I wasn't really feeling the first episode of Kabuto. Possibly because I was mentally comparing it to the only other tokusatsu I've watched, Keitai Sousaken 7, which was awesome and had TALKING CELL PHONES

Also you may not be aware but [ profile] femgenficathon started posting a week back and there is much excellent fic to be had. Here are a few of my favourites.

Harbingers of Blood Queens have power. They need not hide who and what they are for safety's sake. But more than that--queens have names. And Lady Macbeth would do much to be known and remembered under her own name. So GOOD you guys. I always liked Lady Macbeth for being so much more hardcore than her husband but this fic manages to humanize her really well, while blending in some actual Scottish history at the same time. So far I think this is my favourite fic to come out of the comm.

Noli mi tangere There was a gentle woman in the Courte, called Anne Bulleyne, daughter to sir Thomas Bulleyne, Viscount Rocheforde, whom the kyng muche fauoured in all honestie, and surely none otherwise, as all the worlde well knewe after. I have read so many actual published books on Anne Boleyn and the Tudors and I think this could stand up well with any of them. [ profile] viorica8957 said in the comments that it struck the perfect balance between Anne-the-ambitious and Anne-the-person which WORD. I especially liked how she handled her relationship with her sister (neither of them being demonized! I can think of one or two published authors who could take a hint here, -cough-PhilippaGregory-cough-).

This one isn't from [ profile] femgenficathon but it's gen and it's about Martha Jones so I'm reccing it anyways.

Twenty Truths About Martha Jones


She had protested a bit about it but Martha had really loved 1969.

It was a bit like in the movies, like in the old tv shows. The colours, the music, the pretty girls in white leather boots. Except it was real, and not a movie.

She loved the most the way everything seemed to quiet down, after the rush of adventures with the Doctor, intergalactic danger and always running, heart in your mouth.

Now she could just be. And be with the Doctor.

They fell into the habit of buying silly little presents for each other, every day. Martha gave him a wristband made of seashells and the Doctor gave her an awful watercolor painting of a cat, which Martha dutifully hung in the hallway and never failed to make them double in laughter. The Doctor gave her second-hand shoes laced with emerald-like stones, but he didn’t get her size right. Martha gave her a Sherlock Holmes-like pipe that the Doctor pretended to smoke when he wanted to make her giggle.

He seemed content enough to play house for a while, with her. He used to wrote messages for her in the steam over the bathroom mirror, after a long, hot shower. Sometimes they didn’t make sense, sometimes it was even just numbers, sometimes he would make a simple doodle of himself. He would always draw a smiley face and Martha wished she could always see him happy like that.

1969 was a bittersweet holiday, if anything.

They sat together in the evenings, crosslegged on the big red couch and eating their meals from folding trays.

And sometimes he would look at her profile as she watched tv and Martha would feel his gaze on her skin and it occurred to her, for a moment, that maybe the real problem, the destruction of it all, was the her love was not quite as unrequited as she had been led to believe and that was what would set them apart, in the end.

I believe this very very much.


Jul. 8th, 2010 11:45 pm
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The further adventures of the Doctor! Also Handy, Rose, and the other Donna Noble.

Brilliant! Brilliant! I will accept all of Journey's End as canon (including the ten minutes that never happened) if this is what occurred directly after.
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I looked it up on wikipedia, the soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii was played by Karen Gillan. I thought she might be but I wasn't sure. No wonder I felt so fond of her straight off!

Hey hey Rory was a Roman, and Amy was a Pompeiin soothsayer, I feel there could be fic in that. Don't know how but I officially donate the idea. Fandom, I look forward to seeing you get on that. ;)

Also I watched Stolen Earth, omg ensemble! -runs around flailing madly- I LOVE ensemble casts, I am so on board with this finale. Also I am finally interested in watching Torchwood now. Look at them! Jack and Gwen and Ianto (a time and place Ianto really 8D). Can anyone tell me where the Martha episodes are? I'm watching those first.
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So I watched Midnight. It was brilliant and I am finally understanding what people see in Ten. Have also managed to stop wishing he was Eleven every time I see him (Eleven wouldn't really fit in the kind of plots Ten gets anyways).

EDIT: Also! Also the professor's name was Hobbes and this was an episode about the worst in human nature and foreshadowing is the greatest, woo hoo! Also COLIN MORGAN ladies and gentlemen (and variations thereof).
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Oh my God, the Doctor is flying with the angels. I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON RTD!WHO TO DELIVER ON THE INTENSE LULZ.

What do you think, does this beat Tinkerbell!Doctor? Or is it just on par?
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About halfway through this episode and can I say how sick I am of Doctor Who's tendency to ALWAYS kill off the black guy? I mean it's starting to get seriously noticeable! I expected him to die when the angel servicebot things were after them and he was struggling to get through the opening but then he didn't and I was like wait? He might live? Really?

NOPE. =_= This is hitting Merlin levels of bad here (I love the show but do you know the life expectancy for a black man with a name on any given episode? ZILCH)

Man I am starting to wonder if it's just something about UK family shows or something.
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Oh my God I want to cry. That was amazing. This is my absolute favourite season of Doctor Who from every single one I've ever seen. Eleven has replaced Nine as my Doctor

Oh Moffat I knew we could count on you. <333

How much do you suppose the complete season on DVD will run for when it's out? Because I don't care what, I have to own these episodes and loan them to everybody I love.
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The Doctor Who finale airs today! I am full of anticipation and would quite like the clock to run a bit faster now. But since that seems unlikely to happen and I am not in possession of a TARDIS I am need of something to do while waiting for the episode. I COULD study for my exam Tuesday but that would be so out of character for me I would be frightened and begin to wonder if I've been secretly been replaced with an Auton. So instead you are all getting an Amy Pond rec post!

Eleven Amy Pond centric recs under the cut. Also some bonus meta on this season of Doctor Who. )

This was a really good timewaster! Especially considering I could not resist the urge to reread and watch everything I just recced. =) The stuff here is just my favourites, for more Amy Pond check out her character tag on my del.ici.ous.
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Martha Jones!

Okay okay guys see I've been looking forward to getting to meet Martha Jones for AGES. I saw all these picspams and meta and vids and I was all prepared to love her madly if she was even half as awesome as fandom made her seem.

Guess what?


I just watched Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code and I LOVE her. She's all curious! And takes the time to dwell on the amazery of being on the moon! And she's a real true actualfax doctor and you have to EARN THAT TITLE TEN. Also what if she steps on a butterfly or kills her grandfather? (On a side note Ten is kind of a jerk huh. Dude, these are questions I have too! Answer them, don't sidestep! Other side note: Who, don't bring up some racial awareness and then brush it off! 'Just walk about like you belong, it always works for me' Well duh Doctor, have you looked in a mirror lately?) Her family is all over the place and sometimes she has to play phone tag to try to get them to all calm down! And let's be shallow for a minute and note that she's really REALLY pretty. =D I think I am going to like season 3 a lot. \o/
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Okay I keep watching this video and you all should too.

Ugh I love it so much. I feel like tiny Amelia Pond looking at something new and wonderful. Basically this video is my feelings about this season of Doctor Who, summed up to song. ♥♥♥
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Dear Doctor Who,

You were amazing tonight and I am inviting you to the Cool TV Kids Party. This invitation will be upgraded to a VIP status if you manage to be just as awesome next week.

Yours in Adoration,

[ profile] themadpoker

P.S. This invitation also requires that everybody lives.
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Doctor Who is so DIFFERENT when I love the Doctor. I just finished my season 2 catch up this morning and I watched the new episode this afternoon. I don't actively dislike Ten anymore but I don't think I'll ever really love him like I do Eleven. Today's episode just made me happy in the best way. Also there is such a huge difference in emotional investment; I know RTD was trying to pull on my heartstrings with Doomsday but I didn't really feel it. Compare that with last week's Vincent and the Doctor which was just gorgeous and sad and uplifting at the same time. <3

tl;dr I love fifth season Doctor Who the most.


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