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Just applied for job at McDonalds. It was both surprisingly easy and not. 0_o Crossing my fingers they don't call my house. I'd rather break the news to my mom on my own time. Never, if I can manage it.
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Alright so I'm going on semi-hiatus until February 1st for exams! I say semi because I have very little faith in my ability to stay completely off the Internet. =( If you see me tell me to go to away. Loudly, rudely, and repeatedly should you like. In fact take the opportunity to air any untold greivances you may have against me; there is hope that I will scurry away like a small animal and take refuge in studying. Not very much hope but it is there.

P.S. I may not return even within February due to the joyful reunion with books I plan to undergo once I return from my Calculus exam.
P.P.S. Did you know Tharkay from the Temeraire books is going to marry me? It's true.
P.P.P.S. And if I ace my exams you're all invited. Just to add incentive. =D
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Dear Stephanie Meyer,

I owe you an apology. I read both Twilight and New Moon but I always kind of thought their popularity was overrated. I suspect this was because I did not want to admit to enjoying a vampire romance. I would like to retract any statement I ever made along those veins.

What brought on this apology, you may ask? Well. I read Eclipse. Cut for semi-spoilers )
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Yesterday was probably the best end to a year I've ever had. =D I went to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit's Entertainment night (more on RIS later).

There was a movie! And music! And funny! =D )

Happy New Year everybody.
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The film festival is on Sunday! I'm so excited/nervous that I can't stop flitting (flitting = generally running about the house and talking even faster then usual). Hope Harleen and Ankita are still up for coming with me.

On other news the Civics unit test is cancelled! :D I'm so happy about this though a few people in our class aren't cause they didn't do so well on the first couple of tests. ^^ Less studying is never a bad thing.

Also MSA was today and I asked Mr.Ahmed if I can come in at the end of 3rd period to pray and he said okay. YES. I kept missing Zuhr each day because by the time school ends it's over. D: SO happy this is fixed. Plus in MSA we discussed trying to get a booth in Culturefest this year. We'd probably be a little side thing to the Canada display but it'd be utterly awesome. I think we'd better try to fundraise to pay for whatever we do in our booth ourselves. I don't think they'll be very receptive to approving our request if they have to share funds with us. ^_^

And Model UN is Monday. And I'm Japan. ♥ We're debating the sanctions on North Korea (the whole ACK you're testing nuclear weapons thing). I'm going to research as much as I can because the Korea team had a really good speaker last week which set off the COMPETITIVENESS RAWR side of me. :D
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It's been an interesting couple of days. I signed up for the Anime Club at school and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Harleen and Ankita got scared off by the...enthusiasticness of the club members but I think I'm going to fit in just fine. :D Plus the club heads are Brittany, Marques, and Zoe, all awesome friends of mine. ♥

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself because I've finished almost all of the essays for my English summative. Of course it's due this Friday, so it was kind of expected that I be at least close to finishing but ne. I was being realistic, I was sure I'd be rushing to write three essays all on Thursday. Now I've only got my satire essay left which should be easy to write seeing as deadpan sarcasm is one of my default modes. <3

I was freaking out a bit earlier, because Zoe (friend of mine who's a year older) decided she's going to drop out of the IB program (advanced program we're in). Her home school's in Mississauga so she'll be transferring. Not only am I going to lose one of my friends and manga buddies, I'm going to have to manage Earthcore (school environmental club) all by myself! We were the co-heads and I don't really think I'm ready for the responsibility of heading the club on my own. There's really no other option though so I guess I'm just going to have to manage. I'm probably going to feel a bit awkward though, seeing as some of the club members are older then me. And I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to say to the new niners. X_x Wish me luck, please?

Math is proving to be a difficult subject this semester, my brain shut down in class today when the teacher started explaining about the slope of line and tangent. I know it's not anything hard but my brain tends to do this weird thing where it totally stops working after awhile and everything the teacher says just flies over my head. I probably should look into getting some help if this keeps happening.

Civics is turning out to be a pretty good class, we're going over political ideologies right now. Really heavy on the note taking but it's prompting some fun discussions. ^_^; You know you're becoming a true IB nerd when political discussions goes under your list of fun things to do.

A question to the Canadians on my f-list, are any of you planning to Word on the Street? It's a big book and magazine festival held in different locations throughout Canada each year. Authors, publishers, magazine editors, and other people working in the literary field all show up there. [ profile] ebony_creme you might be interested to know Margaret Atwood will be doing a book signing there this year. :D I'm subtly trying to seduce you into coming. Really though, it's a lot of fun and if nothing else a good place to pick up new books cheap. ^.^ It's on the coming Sunday, September 24th. The Toronto branch (the one I'm hopefully going to) will be held at Queen's Park. You can find out more at the website.

And now I really should stop avoiding my trig homework. -_-; Notice how I only write my long entries whenever I'm putting off something? Somehow I get the feeling I'll be updating lj a lot more often during this school year.


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