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Hi Internet! Do you know what you need to do right now? You need to check out [ profile] kaigou's post introducing Zhang Yun Jing. And then you need to come back here so I can capslock about her without you looking at me strangely. Well, any more strangely then your average Internet declaration of love merits.

Also talk to me about how this vid should be a drama okay?

I have no idea if Zhang Yun Jing can act, I just really want to be able to watch her in things without trying to figure out the process of keeping up with pop star appearances. That was hard enough back when I was in bandom and people were actually writing me primers every other week.


Oct. 9th, 2010 09:48 am
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I have been totally striking out with my reads lately! I thought about reviewing Julie Kagawa's The Iron King and Simone Elkeles' Perfect Chemistry but since they mostly would've come down to grousing about how they were totally not awesome and how much it sucks when you get all hyped for a book only to be disappointed I did not bother. However! I just signed up for the 24 hour read-a-thon and I am going to do my best to read ONLY awesome things. =D First up is Mary Hoffman's City of Masks. I'm loving the cover redesign, it's completely gorgeous.


Aug. 11th, 2010 03:17 pm
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My scholarship's been renewed!!!


Aug. 3rd, 2010 11:14 pm
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I watched the first episode of GOLD. The thing Sunao ni Narenakute made me forget was that when jdramas are good they are not just good they are AWESOME. It is taking alot of will power for me to not just go ahead and watch the next three episodes raw.

Okay no more TV, bed time now. Must work hard tomorrow!

(Also I exercised for nearly an hour today! Go me! \o/ I am going to try and KEEP THIS UP)
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Eclipse in LOL cats

I especially like expressionlesscat!Bella and militarycat!Jasper. =D
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Guys guys I read a book and it was really great! =D

Okay so you know how there have been A LOT of YA urban fantasy out lately? And how they tend to follow the same girl meets sexy vampire/werewolf/fairy and romance ensues formula? And how the parents in these books are usually dead or non-entities to allow for maximum focus on the love interest?

Bleeding Violet is nothing like that! Bleeding Violet features a bipolar biracial bicultural1 heroine who moves in with her mom after a small incident where she bashed her aunt's head in. She finds out the town she's moved to is far from normal and is actually pretty pleased with the fact since she figures she registers as less of a freak in a town where people regularly turn into glass statues. I LOVE the mythology in this book; it's totally original, like nothing I've seen in YA urban fantasy to date. No vampires or werewolves here!

And the most important relationship in this book? The one the narrative hinges on and which you're invested in because the heroine cares so much? Is between the heroine and her mom.2 =D This is an AWESOME book.

1. What it's fun typing bi over and over. And it's all true!

2. Which is not to say there isn't romance! There is totally romance. But it is not the narrative focus and you don't have to sit through pages about the boy's sparkly perfect manly beauty.
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Today I did something I'd never done before! I bought a DVD. =D

Okay yeah, I know this is probably not a big deal for the rest of you folks who are like normal and actually buy movies once in awhile. But I've never done that! Ever! I get stuff from the library or rent it, it's how we roll in my family. The last movie we bought (and by we I mean my parents, hence keeping today's status as The Day Zeineb Bought Her First Ever DVD) was The Lion King Special Edition. And before that there was a multiple year gap in which the last one we bought was either Tarzan or Mulan (whichever came out later, I can't remember which). So this is actually a pretty big deal for me!

I didn't even have plans to do this today! I just noticed on my way out of work that there was an HMV in Dufferin Mall and I went to browse because it's fun and eventually I was like HMMM I want to BUY something. And first it was going to be Merlin because it is my great fannish love but it cost $55 (!!!!!! There better be some EPIC extras on that thing) so then I picked up Friday Night Lights and I spent fifteen minutes in the aisle dithering about whether I was going to do this because like I said, this was a big deal for me! And then I did speed Eeny Meenie Miney Moe to decide and now I am the proud possesser of Friday Night Lights Season One.

I keep looking at it on my bookshelf, I can't believe I for real did this. =D So there's my Very Cool Thing for today. How was your day, f-listers?
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I am now the proud auntie of a adorable tiny redfaced baby boy named Umar. \o/
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3:53 AM. 18 pages double spaced examining critical skills in my Fantasy and Topographies of the Imagination Course. I believe there are some customary words for a situation like this. What are they again?

Oh yeah.

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Vampie Diaries is coming back this week! =DDD Suddenly I am so much more motivated to not procrastinate and do schoolwork because otherwise I will not have time to watch it live. And that is a travesty that must be thwarted.

Post Justification: Tech Paper research. X_x No offence Americans, but I hate your complicated Medicare system right now.
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-is in love with Firefox's Adblocker extension-

Post Justification: Okay I haven't done any homework today. BUT. I am leaving to work on my group project in half an hour so I will! AND THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW OF THE GREATNESS OF FIREFOX.
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Nearly done my Individual report and it's not quite 10:30. =DD Feeling pretty ace right now.

(Course I haven't even started my response paper but WHATEVER, I don't have class till 12:30 tomorrow and I can totally knock off something quick before then)

...I hope posting this now hasn't jinxed my chances of finishing quickly.
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The Brampton library has 14 copies of Whip It!


Although it's going to take awhile for me to get it since it seems there are 134 holds?! :/ Apparently alot of people are capable of recognizing awesome? Good for the world, bad for me.

ALSO. Also Saving Face and Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 1 and 30 Rock: Season 2 are all waiting for me RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Are the next two weeks going to be the best completely immersed in television weeks ever? YOU BET THEY WILL BE.

The next two volumes of One Thousand and One Nights are there too so I guess I will have something to be angry at if I am too overwhelmed by awesome to function? I mean I guess there has to be things to hate in the universe to balance the things to love otherwise things might explode. Or something. I don't know.

(No seriously I hate that series so much. Don't ask me why I keep reading it, apparently I need to have regular doses of rage to keep me grounded)

Also there is Tempted, the 6th book of the Terrible Vampire Series of Absolute Terribleness. =DDD I am looking forward to that one a lot.

/media rambling
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Hi peeps it's FEBRUARY. You know what that means?

It means [ profile] halfamoon is open!

If anyone feels like doing a little dance I promise I won't judge. =D


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