Glee 3.03

Oct. 4th, 2011 10:32 pm
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Oh my God, today's episode of Glee. I cried. Also yelled, bit my nails, flailed my hands around with emotion, danced, and was just generally really really engaged. MIKE CHANG EPISODE. MERCEDES EPISODE. I normally delete episodes after watching them but this is staying on my hard drive for at least another month.

Toooooooooooooo many feelings. Did anyone else watch? Come talk to me! Talk to me about how this is the episode I have been waiting for since season 1.

Mrs. Chaaaaaang.


Nov. 24th, 2010 11:04 am
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I am nearly through the weeks from hell! I just have to write my English research essay today and hand it in tomorrow and I can finally take a breather. And then start studying for exams because the universe thinks it's hilarious to schedule things so I have them all in the same week (December 7-10). In the interests of giving everyone else a taste of my procrastination fodder I am going to link to some awesome things.

1) [ profile] prozacpark's Katherine vid Cheap and Evil Girl is an excellent three minute demonstration of why Katherine Petrova has managed to edge her way into Favourite Character Status this season.

2) Relatives & Relativity - Doctor Who/Sense & Sensibility crossover where Nine meets the Dashwood sisters. Go ahead, it's cool, I'll still be here when you get back.


Not my favourite Bollywood picturization but they are dancing on a moving train. Respect.

4) meloukhia's Glee critiques are basically perfect.

5) I deal with not being able to see the Harry Potter movie by reading every review I can find. [ profile] anythingbutgrey does some awesome meta with regards to the movie's use of Holocaust imagery.


This vid made me add Que Sera Sera to my To Watch list. The angst will be delicious. 8)

7) Assimilation

Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on.

8) I prefer this translation of Sea of Shadows to the Tokyopop one.


AHAHAHAHAHA. "Goddamn it CUT!"

10) Stephanie Brown summarizes 70 years of DC history. This is adorable.
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Hey peeps. After breakfast this morning I found myself with some free time. How to fill it, I wondered. Perhaps I could watch the new episode of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and spend a happy hour cooing over my new fictional boyfriend? (Moon Jae-Shin, you’re so dreamy! Already my heart feels anticipatory woe thinking on how you are destined not to be with Yoon Hee. I cannot decide whether I prefer love triangle with two likeable candidates or with one good guy and one detestable guy. Because with one my heart is destined to be broken and with the other I can only frustratedly demand to know why guy the second is even a contender?)

However! I had to eliminate this thought because I did not have an hour, only about 45 minutes. What could I watch? I was already caught up on TVD and Nikita. And then I came across [ profile] hmsharmony’s post where she mentioned liking this week’s episode of Glee. It was up on Global whispered a traitorous voice in my head. Without commercials it’d be about 42 minutes. You can always fast-forward if things start getting particularly irritating.

Dear flist I succumbed. I think there is some part of me destined to keep watching Glee no matter how frustrating it gets. Perhaps I should simply accept this as part of myself. I suspect it is a close cousin to the part of me that keeps reading the House of Night books even though they remain unremittingly terrible.

This week’s episode got me thinking over one aspect of Glee that is particularly irritating for me. (Just one! I acknowledge there are many ways in which Glee is terrible but this one stood out to me in this episode in particular.)

I am continually surprised at how the fandom for this show manages to be fifty billion times better than its source material. )

So much negativity is bad for my soul. I think I'm going to go cleanse it with that episode of SKS I didn't get to in the morning. =)
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I have immense respect for everyone who uploads youtube videos now. Twenty minutes for a two minute vid?

Anyways, just wanted to share the scene that made me a Rachel/Mike shipper. =D Look at them dance together and tell me they don't manage more chemistry than Rachel/Finn does the whole season. <333
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So I was rewatching my clip of Rachel singing Gives You Hell at Finn again and I stopped to briefly consider what it might take for me to watch Glee again. I came up with a list!

- Rachel/Jesse
- Rachel/Puck
- Rachel/Mike
- Rachel/Quinn

Huh. I get the feeling there's some unifying factor there but I'm not quite sure what it is. :l

Some bonus things I would also like involve:

- Brittany/Santana
- Brittany/Mike
- Will suddenly disappearing in ~unforeseen circumstances~ leading the Glee kids to band together! And fight on! With no Will! =D
- But maybe with Emma. Huh yeah, I could actually feel that, I think she'd make a good mentor.
- Mike with lines! In multiple episodes! People calling him by name.
- A Tina plot!
- A Mercedes plot!
- Matt with lines! In multiple episodes! People calling him by name.

Yeah I think that about covers it! So if anyone's still watching Glee and the first episode has at least two of these things happen give me a shout.

Glee 1.21

Jun. 3rd, 2010 11:21 pm
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So I just watched the latest episode of Glee. Two minutes in I decided I am breaking up with this show for good after I see the finale. And that is only for completion's sake.

Oh god I have no words for the many ways in which this episode distressed and horrified me. I was actually flailing my hands at the screen asking it to just STOP.

I still want to scrub out my eyeballs from the Will number. DDDDDD= UNCLEAN.
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So today I watched Glee! And I accidentally punched myself in the eye. These statements are directly related.

You Just Might Find -- Upon seeing this fic basically play out on my screen I felt the need for a spontaneous victory air punch. IT WAS TRAGICALLY MISAIMED.


May. 5th, 2010 12:17 am
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Oh my God Glee I HATE YOU I keep listening to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart and I don't even like it that much! DDDDD=

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This is srs bzns okay?


And if Rachel Berry wins Glee THIS will happen.


Don't you want that much extra joy in the world? DON'T YOU?

EDIT: Oh God someone stop me. I keep rechecking the poll to make sure Buffy is still winning the BTVS category. SHE HAS TO WIN GUYS, DO NOT LET THE EMO BLEACH HAIRED VAMPIRE BEAT HER AGAIN. IT WOULD BE A GRAVE INJUSTICE.

Glee 1x11

Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:52 am
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Glee was on last night! It was kind of good and bad at the same time. Good because Will got expelled from Glee Club (what, I'm sorry okay but I have difficulty liking Will) and the pregnancy storyline is FINALLY over. ^.^ Bad because I kind of wanted to punch everyone in the face. Why is everyone on the show so mean to Rachel? She tries so hard! She hasn't done anything obnoxious for like 5 episodes already! She learned her lesson so they need to quit being such JERKS already. D< Oh but Quinn owned Sue. That was pretty awesome. Quinn Fabray FTW.
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood )
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I've been reading Havemercy in bits and pieces when I stop by Chapters. It's alright except I feel pretty certain that Hal was written as a girl and the authors changed their minds last minute and went back and just switched the pronouns. At least that's what I'm telling myself because seriously. 0_o Boy is not a boy. Even the romancey bits sound like Royston is talking about a girl. Like there's this bit where he's all '-sigh- Hal is so soft and pretty. It's the best thing about him' and I was like 'uhh?' I mean there's effeminate young gentlemen and then there's Hal 'Secretly Jane Eyre in Trousers and Having Misplaced Her Backbone'. But enough on Hal. I rather like Thom and metal dragons is an awesome concept so I'm definitely continuing.

Glee: Mash-Up )


Oct. 14th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Watched Glee today. Not much to say; I think the show tends to rock when it focuses on the kids. Like seriously Will, you're sweet, but I like Quinn and Rachel and Finn better. More teenage drama! Loved the ending song. Am now only wondering when is Tina going to get her character development episode?


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