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Guys, I got the Complete First Season of Heroes out from the library and I love it SO MUCH. I'm getting slightly overinvested in the characters actually; after that one episode where Jessica shoots DL I actually paused before the next episode to make a quick prayer that DL wasn't dead. >_> I just want Nikki and DL and Micah to have a happy ending okay! It is NOT too much to ask and if the show doesn't end up giving it to me I am going to hunt down fanfic that does.

Sylar is ten types of crazy but he's also interesting so. The six months earlier episode is freaking fantastic; I finally got completely sold on Nathan with that. ;_; He is tragic and he's trying to take care of his family even if it results in some bad behaviour and I love him alot. Other people I love alot include Hiro -- he is a comic book nerd who is growing up and he gets overexcited and I pretty much loved him from the very first episode he showed up in and also Charlie OMG ;_; -- and Nikki -- I liked her okay from the start but that bit where she told Nathan she just wanted to be good was right about where I went into 'OMG I love you; you have to have a happy ending, you HAVE to, I will cry if you don't' territory. I bet anything that Peter Petrelli is the fandom little black dress character because he has chemistry with pretty much everyone he shows up with on screen. Claire is okay and I like her friend alot though I can't remember his name presently. Also Matt Parkman is adorable.

Off to see episode 12 now.
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I watched Bones today. I was a bit lost but I'm pretty sure it's my brand new favourite. A Few Scattered Thoughts:

- Angel! Angel is on TV! Playing a cop! Or FBI agent, I don't know. The point is Angel has decided to work within the boundaries of the law!
- I like Bones. I love the scene where she's talking to the British lady (no clue what her name is) and she's pretty much like 'Umm I am highly uncomfortable talking about sex. I will use advanced and highly specific vocabulary in order to reduce my awkwardness. It's not WORKING. DDD='
- Dork boy psychologist is my favourite. I wish I knew what his name is.
- That was a pretty awesome breakup scene. Except for the fact that: breakup scene. D=
- Hee. I don't know who the nervy uptight boss lady is but I quite like her. Totally knew she was going to sleep with Angela's ex.
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Merlin 1x13 - Thoughts )
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- Merlin, you are a blithering idiot. You are standing beside a girl who is blatantly in love with you and is also insanely awesome and you're going on about how pretty ANOTHER woman is. You. You SUCK.

- But Arthur doesn't. I feel you deserve the hat he inflicted on you. =) It is a lovely hat. I will find a screencap just so all can revel in its splendor.

- And to contrast with Merlin's idiocy we have Nimueh's cunning. She played him like a lute.

- Wow. Uther the super jerk. I kind of can't pass off this one with the he's Giles excuse.

- Arthur! You are displaying traits of good-personhood! ^.^ I knew I could count on it manifesting itself sooner or later. Good lad.

- How does Morgana consistently manage to be one of my favourite characters despite the small amounts of face time she gets?

- Oh wait. Being consistently amazing. That's why.


- Okay, Nimueh honestly radiates evil waves. How is it neither Merlin nor Arthur pick up on this?

- Oh my God, it's a psychic bond! =D I love this show.

- I - I don't have words. Uther you evil bastard. You have lost all Giles immunity! =@

- I'm getting more of a siblings vibe between Arthur and Morgana than I am a romantic one. Maybe they're keeping that bit of the legend where they're related and they don't want to have to deal with the incest factor.

- Uther said something nice to Arthur! ^.^ It's sad my standards for him have sunk so low that I find this worth acclaim.
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I just wanted to pause in my watching of Merlin to say Gwen is adorable. ^.^ Seriously! I didn't like Gwenhwyvere (or however one writes it, I've seen like 5 million versions) too much in the actual King Arthur tales what with her cheating on him and contributing to the fall of his kingdom. But here she's kind of one of the best things on the show. Also, Merlin, a clue, here, have one. >_> Dude, the only way she could be more obvious is if she went around wearing a sign saying 'I love Merlin'.

Also Morgana! Another girl who I did not like before redeemed. =) Merlin's girl characters, they are lovely.

As for Merlin. Kind of dense but likeable. More interesting than the Arthurian version anyways. Besides that business with Nimueh kind of skeeved me out in the original tales. There seems to be a recurring motif in Arthurian legends about bad things happening because men failed to think with their heads as opposed to their pants.

Arthur, you are a berk. Somehow I am fine with this! It's only been 2.1 episodes, you've plenty of time to mature and such.

I have to go watch more now. =)


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