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Jan. 29th, 2011 01:23 pm
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So I didn't like TVD as much as usual this week? =( Bad show, bad, you're supposed to be awesome returning from a hiatus. But I will forgive you for now because I've missed you.

Bonnie's never killed a person over her supernatural issues angst. Why can't she have screentime instead? )
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I watched this as part of a marathon with 3.11 and 3.12. 3.11 gets no commentary because it was one of the most boring 45 minutes of television I have ever sat through and 3.12 won’t either because I actually just want to talk about the finale alot. So let’s go!

You know the answer )

Wow, how did this get so long, I need to be studying. S_S In conclusion: best finale yet, loved it and am considering a rewatch next week after exams. Anyone care to join me?
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No episode play by play, I was watching with my cousin so I didn’t do any pauses. Instead, have some scattered post ep thoughts!

Well that was a considerable improvement on last week! )
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It's been awhile since I've done one of these. :)

Spoilers saw Uther Pendragon cry. I'm sure you're shocked. )

Okay, I'm done now! Going to check the flist for your reaction posts, I just wanted to get out my ~pure~ uninfluenced feelings first.

TV blogging

Sep. 9th, 2010 10:26 pm
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Vampire Dairies Season 2: Year of the Hatesex )

So that was a fun premiere! =D TVD: still keeping it epic. Now on to the next premiere I checked out.

I wasn’t planning to watch this but it came on right after TVD so I figured why not? )

Also today I made chocolate chip cookies! And ate like five of them because they were pretty good and I hadn’t had dinner yet. >_> Well it’s not so bad, I made them small so I’ve got a ton left. I’ll take them with me when we go to Eid prayers tomorrow, do some sharing for caring.
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So originally I wasn't going to watch this at all! On account of not having seen any of Doctor Who except the first season and a wee bit of the second. In which it took me a single episode to decide I sort of hated Ten so clearly I do not have the best track record with accepting new Doctors. But then you all started posting about amazing tiny!companions and Doctors adjusting to having lanky limbs and I am only human and my resolve is easily swayed.

I'll be back in five minutes really )
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My name's Campbell and I'm a blood addict )

Well that was fun! I'm going to go make some pizza now. =)


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