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Guys. I think I am going to have to work hard this year. For a sustained amount of time. T_T Man, university is a total bait and switch. They gave me this ridiculously easy first year just so I would feel all chill and like I could handle things and then BAM!

Also, thumbs down on profs who do not allow laptops in class. :/ From now on I will know to inquire about such things beforehand.


Jun. 29th, 2010 12:36 pm
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X_x So tired. Headache, cold, the works. I wrote my exam in a total haze, I think it is possible my brain floated out of my head at some point. I really hope at least some of what I said made sense. I remember a blur of dependancy theory and the Martinez Paradox and crises of entitlement which sound about right. Bolstering myself with [ profile] hmsharmony's new A/G vid because they make me happy. Am going to edit my mom's essay and then see if I can sneak a nap in the religious centre for an hour or two. Proper post to come.
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Lalalala why are all my poli sci readings so boring? This is my major; it should be fun! Though at least I'm finally done Principles of Representative Government. The only way I can think to even slightly improve my experience of reading that book would have been a trip to France to hit Bernard Manin upside the head with a copy. Preferably hardcover.

So now I'm reading Michael Freeden's Ideology: A Very Short Introduction. It's short so that's a plus! And Freeden's style is more readable even if the early chapters are kind of dry. Although there are bits where it's like 'hahahahaha America. Why does this sound so much like you?' so that's fun. I haven't figured out how to make fun of it/anthropomorphize the book concepts yet so it'll be a bit before I can amuse myself properly with the reading.

I fail at not procrastinating. >_> I don't wanna read; I'm BORED. Okay if I read a chapter, I get to watch the new episode of Vampire Diaries before writing my presentation. That will be good incentive. =)

RL Stuff

Jun. 29th, 2009 12:39 am
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Okay so decision made; I am totally going to double major in English and I don't care if my adviser dude told me to only take 4 courses; he is wrong and dumb anyways.

Well okay not dumb. And possibly not wrong. But I don't care because seriously, it feels really good to have just made the decision already. I feel less inclined to do something dumb and impulsive now (am I the only person who gets a weird itch like that? Like once in awhile I want to do something that's a little stupid or not well thought out just BECAUSE).

What the heck, Real Player just randomly erased all my playlists. :/
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I'm taking a class on Fantasy. ON FANTASY.




Mar. 1st, 2009 09:48 pm
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I thought I'd announced this to the whole world but I just realized I haven't said anything to lj! =O That is so lame, seriously. I mean I announce stupid stuff like what I've had for breakfast so how do I forget the important things?


Also York gave me an awesome new binder. Because York understands that I can be bribed with school supplies. Thank you York, you are totally better then Ryerson, UtM, and Waterloo. All they sent me was info packets.

Well that's not true, Waterloo invited me to come see a play with three guests. But I don't think that's as cool as an awesome new binder. It's not even the cheap kind or anything, it's really nice.
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So. I'm all done my university applications. 0_o It was kind of shockingly easy. I mean I thought I'd have to like write a personal essay or something dumb like that. Instead I mostly just had to confirm that the info they had on me was correct. And pick universities obviously.

:/ Maybe the hard stuff comes later.
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In case I don't get into university I have been making up a list of careers and lifestyles I could pursue instead. Chief among these is running off to British Columbia to become a salmon fisher. I have had ample opportunity to research this opportunity here, at Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Salmon website:

Of course, this is not the only option. I have also been considering the circus - I could be The Amazing Fast Talking Girl! Try and decipher the meaning of her prophecies out of the blur of words! Our talented maestro will reveal to you just what she means by 'go eat a grilled cheese bagel'!

My other ones are sort of unrealistic. Accountant, mad scientist, Batman. I will get back to you once I've developed the list more fully.
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So I think I figured out what programs I'm going to apply into. I'm sort of afraid to actually say them in case I jinx it. >_> Stupid university apps are making me superstitious.

Is it normal to feel like choosing a major is akin to crossing your fingers and skydiving off a cliff?


Sep. 21st, 2008 10:55 pm
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Am pondering university again. Currently these are my top I-could-feasibly-see-myself-majoring-in-these-options: Film, political science, environmental sciences, international studies. :/


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