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Hi peeps. Something amazingly wonderful happened yesterday. Something that inspired me to make a dance (an awesome totally fly dance, I don't care what my mom says) and a celebratory song (which was basically the word alhumdulillah (thanks be to God) sung over and over again to a snazzy tune).

Now that I have managed to stop dancing I am posting about it! Can you guess what it is? I will give you a clue; I spent a few nights staying up late last week freaking out that maybe it wouldn't happen.

I've quit dancing but the voice in my head is still shrieking with happy )
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I went to pick up my fantasy portfolio today AND:

1. I got an A+
2. My TA said this is one of the best portfolios he's ever received, and definitely the best one this year
3. He asked if I could send him a copy to show future students as the standard for analysis in portfolios


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So I checked my grades on the website and it appears my poli sci grade is in? It's an A. \o/ Provided my Tech mark doesn't suck too hard (I am rather worried it will, the exam didn't go well) and my Fantasy grade is good (fairly certain of this, I haven't gotten a grade under an A- the whole course so unless my portfolio was terrible I'm safe) I am keeping my scholarship. I'll keep including it in my du'aa but I am feeling very hopeful!


Dec. 21st, 2009 10:15 pm
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My exams are doneeeeeee. =DDDD I love everybody right now! Today is a very very excellent day. Also the library is shipping me over Supernatural season 1 which means there are going to be demon killing roadtrips in my future! I do not think this day could possibly be more awesome.


May. 9th, 2009 11:13 am
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I'm reading Black Powder War and while I love the entire book in general I just read a line which basically made me shriek in joy.

Tharkay led them unerringly through the dragon quarter and skirting a small mosque beautifully painted, the square before it full of men and even a handful of dragons prostrating themselves on soft woven prayer-rugs...

MUSLIM DRAGONS. Eeeee!!! =D I just so rarely get to see Muslims in books ever; it is thing of great happiness to see some even if it is just a sentence. I went to my brother right away just to read the line out loud so we could commiserate over the awesome. I hear the next Temeraire book is set in Africa, hopefully I will get to see some Muslims for longer than two lines then (and if they end up going to Addis Ababa or whatever it was called back then, I will probably have to put it on my list of favourite books ever (provided it's done right of course). Or Asmara though I think it unlikely, I have never ever read a fantasy book where anyone went to Eritrea much as I would love to).

Anyways. Tharkay is still my favourite. =)
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My interview at Humber Hospital was a success! =) I'm to go in for a health screening on Monday.


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