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I don't. =D Seriously, I react to having too much to do by watching more TV and reading more books. I don't actually know how it is I manage to not fail out of everything ever, I like to take it as proof of God's benevolence.

Speaking of which, got my Tech and Civilization exam back! 88% which is alright if a little lower than what I was hoping for. I'll just have to write a really awesome paper in March to make up for it.

While I'm at it, you all should check out this vid. I have watched it approximately a bazillion and eight times these past two weeks. It's Doctor Who so you'll probably appreciate it more if you've watched the show but I've only seen about two of the episodes the clips are from (it's all stuff from the Tenth Doctor's run which I've not seen much of yet) and it works pretty well for me. Also I feel reassured that I will not be overly heartbroken when Rose leaves because clearly Martha is going to be awesomesauce on awesomecake. Don't know about Donna just yet but apparently she has adventures in her wedding dress which is a point in her favour.
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I always WANT to hold grudges; I'm just not very good at them. Seriously, it takes dedication to stay angry for a long time. And anyways, no one's ever done anything really horrible to me so what've I got to stay angry about?

Man, I really do get to school way too early. :/ This hallway is very empty.
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Which man? Which woman? How old are they? Where do they live? What economic class do they fall under? To what extent do they follow their societal norms in terms of gendered behaviour?

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Both! =D Well really, fashionable is a stupidly vague term. I mean who's supposed to set the standard? If it's magazines or some such then I'm going to have to default to comfortable because ahahahaha, no. Let's replace fashionable with pretty then. In which case my answer really is unchanged because I prefer my pretty clothes to also be comfortable! Although I guess I could say choosing a skirt over say jeans qualifies as picking fashion over comfort? Not that skirts are uncomfortable - at least most of mine aren't - but they don't have pockets which can be irritating.

Pointless post is pointless.

P.S. Israel agreed to a ceasefire Sunday! My response is mixed between 'oh thank GOD' and 'about TIME already. Over a thousand people! What is wrong with you?'.
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We're not X-Men; they got all the useful mutations.
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Ninja pirates. DUH.


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