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Hi Internet! Do you know what you need to do right now? You need to check out [ profile] kaigou's post introducing Zhang Yun Jing. And then you need to come back here so I can capslock about her without you looking at me strangely. Well, any more strangely then your average Internet declaration of love merits.

Also talk to me about how this vid should be a drama okay?

I have no idea if Zhang Yun Jing can act, I just really want to be able to watch her in things without trying to figure out the process of keeping up with pop star appearances. That was hard enough back when I was in bandom and people were actually writing me primers every other week.
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It's interesting looking for music videos I used to watch on Much Music. I associate them so strongly with the summer when I watched them, I remember the feel of it when I just watch a video.

Also, interesting which ones made an impression on me. I mean, really, catchy tune but a lyrical genius Shawn Desmon is not. And he's not actually as a good a dancer as I thought. xD

I'm also really curious as to what the hell the song's about. Does he like redheads? Dislike them? Feel an inexplicable attraction to them he just can't deny? Is it just me or did it look an awful lot like he was proposing collaring the woman at the end? (Yeah I know, he was pretending her dog died. But that's what it looked like)

The song lyrics seem to imply red hair = devil but he's all smiley faced after she gets her hair done. Although he does do that little 'blagh' look at the audience.

Oh whatever. Way to be inscrutable Shawn Desman.

I remember why I liked this one though. =D Imitating the dance moves! Maybe that's why Shawn Desman stuck with me, I like music vids with a coherent story but I also love straight up dance vids. Although, cue eyeroll at the 'check out my femme fetales which are mine' shots. That was always one of the things I found lame about the whole hip-hop/R & B/rap scene. If you are so set on aggrandizing yourself, fine, but could we limit it to cars and blings and stay away from people?
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Okay so I know stupid comments on youtube are par for the course but seriously? Imogen Heap is a woman. A very pretty woman. I have absolutely no idea what could ever prompt some to think otherwise

Also this Merlin vid has been a source of deep joy for the past week. =)


Dec. 20th, 2008 05:18 pm
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Man I miss Inu Yasha. It had the best music. =/ Does anyone have any recommendations for a big epic anime that is not so epic that I will eventually throw up my hands in frustration upon realizing it will never end?
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So I felt like listening to Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. I go to youtube and it's the first video on my recommended list.

0_o What youtube, since when are you actually able to read my mind?
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I'm listening to Britney Spears' Womanizer and I'm not really liking it all that much but I am sort of picking up the vibe that it's a song I'd like in the right sort of mood.

Man, five years ago and I'd've been horribly insulted at the merest suggestion that I might ever listen to Britney Spears with appreciation.

It'd be good DDR song in any case.

Over My Head is on now! ^.^ See I like this one no matter what my mood.
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is a song that gets better with repeated listenings. I read the lyrics first and I listened to the song and I went hmm, this is one of those songs where the lyrics have a story and that's cool but the tune isn't contributing all that much is it? :/ But I still felt the urge to give it another listen. And now I've listened to it a couple more times and I don't know if it just took me the extra tries to just get the song or something but -- I don't exactly want to say I like it now because I didn't exactly dislike it before -- but I feel like maybe I'm getting more out of the song now? I'm not sure how to say it. I think I'm going to be repeating it for awhile but I don't feel the urge to be like 'OMG I love this! <3<3<3!'

Oh I don't know. How about you give it a listen?
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There is a possibility I will never stop listening to Darren Hayes Crush. Ever. I warn you, do not listen to that song: you will only end up repeating it and repeating it (and repeating it...)1

But if you insist on ignoring my advice...

So let's talk about my (non-music related) life! =D

Decided in TOK with Anchal that yes I am totally going to go for an English degree in YA literature (I am positive there has to be a university that offers this program. I will go to England if necessary!2) and become an editor so I can get paid for reading and editing things. This has caused me to be much more relaxed about things like math and science and such as I do not intend to use them in my future whatsoever (except possibly to explode gummy bears. Because that was a seriously cool experiment).

In other news I love my journal. =D Because I can abandon grammar and write everything in lowercase poetry if I feel like it and it doesn't matter if I wax poetic about warming my feet over the heater because no one but me is ever going to read it. It's very relaxing. :)

My Books To Read list is currently at 218 books. >_> I read too many book review sites. I think I should stop doing that for awhile. Like say a year.

Alhough I suppose the sad state of the Mississauga/Brampton library system will eliminate at least 3/4 of those possibilities so it probably won't be that much of a problem. Maybe I can avoid book review sites for just 9 months instead.

If I had a $100 right now I would go to chapters and buy all of E. Lockhart's books and give them to somebody (after reading the ones I haven't yet of course). If I had $120 I would also throw in John Green (his books not his person. I have heard he is very tall, I do not think it would be physically possible for me to go through with the latter option).

I'm going to go now before I start copy-pasting Darren Hayes lyrics here (he's taking over my brain!!)

EDIT: It is true! There is going to be a collaboration by David Levithan and John Green! I AM BUYING THIS BOOK THE MINUTE IT HITS CHAPTERS.

1. I mispelled repeating. All three times. >_> Obviously those typo demons have taken possession of the word.

2. This statement is somewhat misleading. I would go to England for almost any reason whatsoever. People speak in wonderful accents and an amazing amount of awesome author types are from there! I think there is something in that English air.
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Oh my God Nav, I so get your old Saosin obsession now. I don't think I can actually physically stop listening to You're Not Alone. 0_o

Music Meme!

Mar. 9th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Rules: Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favourite songs that begin with that letter.

[ profile] ebony_creme gave me K. So here we go.

1. The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars (I'm going to ignore the alright?)
2. Kiss From a Rose - Seal
3. Kiss the Girl - Little Mermaid soundtrack xD
4. Knife of Romance - Phi
5. A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louie Armstrong
6. Kanyl - Tarmvred
7. Kinna Sohna - Gunjan (on the Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack)
8. Kodou Whenever - DN Angel song. Don't know who.
9. Knights of Cydonia - Muse
10. Kowaku na Kajitsu -Aioria

Went to Second Cup today. Enjoyed myself greatly. :)
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Hiya [ profile] missykitty0115! You probably don't remember but a very long time ago I mentioned working on a present for you.

I am notorious for taking a long time in giving presents. )


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