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Guys, I would like to talk about a book I am reading! It is called The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook. If you’ve been thinking about picking it up but don’t want spoilers then I will say right now that I would recommend it, the worldbuilding is well done and the heroine is likeable but you need to have some tolerance for sexually harassing heroes (along the lines of hey pretty lady, you are totally going to sleep with me soon! when she makes it clear she’d like it if you’d stop saying that already)

I've got mixed feelings on the title character )

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Jan. 17th, 2011 10:19 pm
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In which I say umm alot. Also like. )

+ Signal boosting [ profile] helpbrazil2011 and [ profile] qldfloodauction. I'm not offering anything since I'm a bit fannishly useless and don't really write fic or draw. Take a look if you have some spare cash though! Lots of lovely talented people offering up their work for auction.

+ I've been splitting all my free time lately between watching TV season DVDs from the library and attempting to catch up with my readings (why is Hobbes so dull, I honestly come this close to drifting off everytime I read one of his paragraphs on the bus ;_;). On that first count, I would like to say season four of How I Met Your Mother is a beautiful thing of comic joy forever. You should all be watching this!

+ Thanks to my inability to read Hobbes without sleeping I've switched to using my bus time to further continue my romance reading quest! I'm three chapters into Meljean Brook's The Iron Duke and I'm really enjoying it. Her worldbuilding is so excellent! It's a Victorian AU where England was invaded by some sort of nanogene using race called the Horde. The story's set seven years after they were driven out but their impact remains in the form of the genetic modifications done to all the humans who were living under them. The heroine is a inspector dedicated to finding justice for the dead bodies she investigates. I like her already. I haven't seen enough of the hero yet to make on opinion but provided he isn't a total twit this could turn out to be my favourite romance novel to date.

+ Doritos are delicious. ♥_♥

EDIT: Five Emotions Invented By The Internet Oh my God, she's a mind reader.
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Sex while sleeping? Sex while sleeping? Do you know what is absent while one is asleep? THE ABILITY TO CONSENT.

Taking a break from this book, suspect the rage will overwhelm any enjoyment I might get from reading it for awhile.
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Yeah so NOW I really want to watch Legend. xD Apparently the key to my heart is vidding a kdrama to Brittany Spears? WHO KNEW.

On the book front: I finished the romance from yesterday. Our Hero acknowledged that the real heroine is in fact a whole lot better than fantasy! He just took his time because real people are harder than dreams and he was afraid (surprise!). At one point he provided her with a pound of iron to keep in her reinforced purse which she used to beat her uncle about the head until he was unconscious while attempting to rescue her aunt. It was my favourite part of the book. <3333 True love helps you prepare to beat down your abusers.

Second favourite bit: when the Hero reveals to his brother that he is not actually an idiot as he has been pretending to be for the last twelve years ever since his riding accident and his brother punches him the face because what a jerk move to pull God, he spent like twelve years mourning the person his brother used to be NEXT TIME BE LESS FAILY VERE. Probably it says something that my favourite scenes both involved some level of violence being inflicted on people who kind of deserved it. I don't know what though. o:)
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Today I bought Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Daniel Bennett (the one with the inappropriate subtext between brothers! And yeah that is what it's going to be called forever because what the hell, you can't have holding onto faces and gazing into eyes and be like later oh by the way they're brothers! Unless you're going to pull a Sarah Monette and make the incestuous longings canon in which case viva la subtext), Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow (Werewolves! Free verse poetry! A match made in heaven? Only time will tell), and Daughter of Hounds by Caitlin R. Kiernan (I have no idea but the cover is nice and I've heard she writes good horror/fantasy).

I had no intention of buying books today. BUT THEY WERE ON SALE AND I AM WEAK. T_T

I have also continued in my Romance Quest with Sherry Thomas' His At Night. The heroine is one of my favourite types! This is posing a wee bit of a problem since my reading is currently going like this.

HEROINE: My uncle is an Evil Abuser who conspires to keep me trapped within our house forever while forcing me to maintain the facade that we are a happy loving family. I smile and bear it but am desperately trying to find a way to escape his clutches. The unexpected arrival of some guests at our manor while he is out has provided me an opportunity! I shall do my best to wed one of these eligible bachelors so as to have protection for myself and my aunt as we escape my uncle.
HERO: I am an agent of the crown! We currently suspect heroine's uncle may be involved in EVIL doings involving illegal diamonds. My days as an international spy sometimes leave me heartsore and weary so I will often retreat into my fantasy of my dream woman greeting me with the most beautiful smile. Oh look then, plotting to be invited to heroine's house in order for some investigation business.


HEROINE: Oh please God let this work. -smiles charmingly-
HERO: Oh my God, it's my dream woman!
THINGS: Happen.
HERO: What what, the heroine is actually trying to get me to marry her, she is not the pure loving woman of my dreams, she is a gold digger, her smiles are TAINTED.
HEROINE: Time is running out, my uncle will return in a few days, I can't be trapped here forever, I just can't, I am having nightmares about never being able to leave. My conscious does prick me at the thought of entrapping a man but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
HERO: -thwarts while angsting about how she does not match the woman of his ~dreams~-
HEROINE: -attempts to snag hero's brother-

There's still about 300 pages to go, hopefully our hero will get a clue and stop woe facing over the fact that her smiles are not a ~pure expression of love~ with no calculation behind them. You've known her for two days buddy, she didn't get the memo about your long standing fantasy relationship. :/
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On my way home from work I contemplated a decision! Should I go stop by Chapters/Starbucks and chill on my laptop, maybe download an episode of Skins? Or ought I go home and watch the Glee finale?

Here I am posting at Starbucks. The music they've got playing is lovely and I am feeling wonderfully content. Definitely the right decision. :) I've got plenty of time to be sad and angry and disappointed with Glee, I'd rather take the opportunity to enjoy myself online (without using my home bandwidth =D).

Lately I have been making progress in my quest to experiment with the romance genre. I'm currently reading Goddess of the Hunt which is mostly alright with the occasional moment of something I really like (for example, the heroine being all set to hate her rival in love only to discover that she's fantastic and likeable and determined to be friends). So far I've only read historicals, can any of you recommend me something contemporary? I like strong heroines, am not particularly fond of alpha male heroes (which seem to be all over the place in romances. :/ Can't some less dominant brothers feel the love?), couples who make each other laugh and if there are angsty secret pasts (which there pretty much always are) I prefer they be expressed in more low key ways (so nix on the hero who disdains all women because his mother left him, yay on him being cautious and reserved in making emotional connections). Otherwise I am not particularly picky!

EDIT: I've been meaning to ask, anyone on the flist want a dreamwidth invite code? I've got seven handy.
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Here is a story. Once upon a time, a little lj blogger named themadpoker decided she wanted to explore some of this romance business she'd always heard so much about. She thought over what she would do very carefully and visited the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website. Per their recommendations she picked up Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels.

Then she ignored it for a few weeks because it was a romance novel and she had the entire first season of Heroes to watch. Priorities, people.

Eventually one night, she decided to read the prologue. As a bit of a bedtime story.

And kept going. Much like the Energizer Bunny; she just couldn't STOP )

All of this and the romantic pet names. Of course I love this book.

"I love these pet names," she said, gazing soulfully up into his eyes. "Nitwit. Sapskull. Termagant. How they make my heart flutter!"


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