Feb. 5th, 2011 12:24 pm
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Why Mubarak Is Out In order to understand where Egypt is going, and what shape democracy might take there, we need to set the extraordinarily successful popular mobilizations into their military, economic and social context. What other forces were behind this sudden fall of Mubarak from power? And how will this transitional military-centered government get along with this millions-strong protest movement?

I found this article incredibly helpful in giving me context for understanding who all the players involved in the protest are. Jadaliyya and Al-Jazeera are the best sources for Egypt coverage I've found so far (if you know any other sites doing good work please let me know). I've been watching the news and reading The Toronto Star and the disparity in useful analysis/information is very clear.
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+ I wanted to direct the Canadians on the flist to this petition asking the government to come out against usage-based billing. If you are confused as to what this even means I found this article pretty useful in explaining it to me.

+ The first season of The Good Wife is as good as everyone says it is and I can't decide who my favourite character is. @_@ They're all so amazing! The only thing I know so far is it's probably not Will because I find him a little dull compared to everyone else. Also I ship Peter/Alicia. IDEK I rarely ship couples where one of them cheated on the othor but I find them so interesting! I can really see why they got together to start with.

+ Did anyone else know Nickoledeon put up nearly all of the Avatar: the Last Airbender episodes online for free? I used to have hopes that I would do schoolwork whenever I took a break from watching The Good Wife and now they are utterly CRUSHED. I don't really regret this.

+ I was wondering why there was a sudden increase in awesome things on my flist today and I realized it's February. [ profile] halfamoon has started posting! Check it out for amazing lady-centric fannishness.
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like all the boys before gwen; gwen/lancelot (main); gwen/all the boys before [merlin, arthur, gwaine] This vid is GORGEOUS. ♥_♥ I've watched it ten times today. I am probably going to watch it again the minute I click post. If you know of any good Gwen/Lancelot fic I am very much in the mood to read it right now.

And while you're here watch this vid on the supernatural ladies of The Vampire Diaries.

It's possible I've spent the last hour basically alternating between watching these two vids. Possible.
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Hi Internet! Do you know what you need to do right now? You need to check out [ profile] kaigou's post introducing Zhang Yun Jing. And then you need to come back here so I can capslock about her without you looking at me strangely. Well, any more strangely then your average Internet declaration of love merits.

Also talk to me about how this vid should be a drama okay?

I have no idea if Zhang Yun Jing can act, I just really want to be able to watch her in things without trying to figure out the process of keeping up with pop star appearances. That was hard enough back when I was in bandom and people were actually writing me primers every other week.
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I had such great hopes for this post! It was going to be a list of like 20 awesome Susan things and I would explain why they were awesome and it would all be wonderful. That did not happen.

I tried, guys, I really tried! I bookmarked like forty Narnia fic to read so I could go through them all to find all the Susan-centric gems. Unfortunately I have the attention span of a hyperactive cat and have spent the past six months bouncing from fandom to fandom and occasionally looking at this post guiltily. Today I came to the conclusion that I will never finish this post to my satisfaction so I may as well post it now.

This post is dedicated to [ profile] hmsharmony who is awesome and gets how lovely Susan is and how much her narrative totally screwed her over. Still side-eyeing you C. S. Lewis.

No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world )

Augh, this is so shooort. =( One day I will return to this and add all the fic that I meant to read and rec. One day.


Nov. 24th, 2010 11:04 am
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I am nearly through the weeks from hell! I just have to write my English research essay today and hand it in tomorrow and I can finally take a breather. And then start studying for exams because the universe thinks it's hilarious to schedule things so I have them all in the same week (December 7-10). In the interests of giving everyone else a taste of my procrastination fodder I am going to link to some awesome things.

1) [ profile] prozacpark's Katherine vid Cheap and Evil Girl is an excellent three minute demonstration of why Katherine Petrova has managed to edge her way into Favourite Character Status this season.

2) Relatives & Relativity - Doctor Who/Sense & Sensibility crossover where Nine meets the Dashwood sisters. Go ahead, it's cool, I'll still be here when you get back.


Not my favourite Bollywood picturization but they are dancing on a moving train. Respect.

4) meloukhia's Glee critiques are basically perfect.

5) I deal with not being able to see the Harry Potter movie by reading every review I can find. [ profile] anythingbutgrey does some awesome meta with regards to the movie's use of Holocaust imagery.


This vid made me add Que Sera Sera to my To Watch list. The angst will be delicious. 8)

7) Assimilation

Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on.

8) I prefer this translation of Sea of Shadows to the Tokyopop one.


AHAHAHAHAHA. "Goddamn it CUT!"

10) Stephanie Brown summarizes 70 years of DC history. This is adorable.
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This is my new favourite tumblr. =D And yes my primary method of procrastinating on homework is faffing about TVD fandom. Why do you ask?
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SOMEONE GET ME OFF THIS POST STAT. Female Yenta Meme My list of things to watch/read has grown EXPONENTIALLY. I kept opening up my library website to look for things before I gave in and left it open as a tab since clearly I was going to order ALL THE THINGS.

Also umm maybe I am hoping someone will ask for crazy cakes out for vengeance god sponsored genderbending women so I can recommend Maledicte. I love Maledicte. ♥ Still haven't read the sequel because why should I care about Janus Ixion? He's her loser ex, he is only important because his kidnapping set the stage for her god powered vengeance quest of excellence.

Also speaking of excellent things fandom has apparently decided this is a good time to create all the greatest fests ever. Here are a few for your perusal.

Not My Fandom Fest - So much hilarity! A testament to the amazing phenomenon that is fannish osmosis.

The Queerly Awesome Comment Ficathon - Haven't read them all yet but I plan to! I noticed some Original Cindy prompts there which are definitely going to be my first stop.

Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Meme THE GREATEST THING EVER. Except for all the other greatest things I have just linked you. Look it's not my fault the universe decided to implode with awesome all at once okay?

The Bechdel Test Comment Ficathon Do I even have to explain why this is awesome? No, no I do not. Get thee hence immediately.

TOO MANY THINGS NOT ENOUGH TIME. I am officially blaming fandom for all my school problems. Which I must return to now.


Oct. 12th, 2010 01:56 pm
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And now I don't need to see The Social Network. Awesome. =D

Vid Rec

Sep. 26th, 2010 01:06 am
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Watched this vid. I think I like Jet now? 0_o I guess I should not be surprised, clearly Avatar is the show where I am destined to like every single character.

Hey, anyone want to rec me Ursa fic? =D I am being careful about where I go in Avatar fandom because I do not want to be spoiled for season 3 revelations.
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Backseat Merlin, 3.01 and 3.02 vid, on the breakdown of the OT4. This vid makes me so sad. All those missed connections and opportunities -- [ profile] such_heights does a great job of bringing in past clips to heighten each relationship. They should have been forever. =(

not your Rosalie Hale TVD, Caroline gen. This is what I want for Caroline Forbes on the show. I want her to be okay and adapt to being a vampire and know that being dead is not a death sentence. And I love every one of her interactions here. And how it really goes into every single thing the show skimmed over over with Caroline -- her relationship with Bonnie, the fact that Elena and Bonnie didn't tell her anything. And I like that she remembers Vicki.

All the Broken Pieces of the World Fit Together Jellicoe Road, Jude/Fitz, Jude/The Fucked-up Four. Haha, man are any of you going to read this? Have any of you even read Jellicoe Road? Because if you haven't I am recommending it right now. Don't read the fic first, it's kind of spoilery by implication. Besides, it works alot better if you know the source. That said this was such an excellent surprise to find! When I read Jellicoe Road I loved Fitz and Webb and Narnie and Tate and Jude and how much they loved each other and this fic totally gets that, how anything between two of them is really about all five.
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I haven’t posted about the whole Burn a Quran Day fiasco because to be honest, I don’t really want to think about it. I’ve already talked to people about it offline, I don’t particularly feel like having to do the same on lj. This youtube video expresses my feelings pretty well though.

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=DDDDDD I haven't even watched past episode five of Legend of the Seeker and yet this gives me great joy. Also it's possible I'm going to be spamming you this morning with wonderful things? IT'S OKAY WHO DOESN'T WANT TO SEE KAHLAN BE ALL ADORABLE AND ASK WHAT SHE WAS WEARING AND ALSO CARA'S AMAZING FACES.

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Ugh I hate hayfever. My head is killing me. I can't decide if this is a good trade in for the burning eyes from yesterday or not. Leaning towards not since I'm fasting so I can't even take a Tylenol. =(((((

Since I don't like making posts that are entirely composed of whining (90% is okay! Just not 100%), here, have a rec.

the heart i gave to you (i cannot find) Post-Mockingjay, Gale POV. Remember how yesterday's rec was sweet and had a sense of healing? This one hurtsmostly due to things which are Mockingjay spoilers )

EDIT: Also now that you're done that check out this piece of awesome Hunger Games fanart for healing!
CHIBIS: Finnick Meets Johanna FINNICK AND JOHANNA, BROS FOR LIFE Y/Y/Y? Also no spoilers. =DDDD

EDIT THE SECOND: Omg, make sure you look at all of her pieces, so much joy in my heart. Some Mockingjay spoilers in the others though.
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Those Who Wait This fills in the period between the last chapter of Mockingjay and the epilogue. Consequently there are spoilers so I wouldn't read it if you haven't finished the whole trilogy. That said, if you have you should definitely check it out right away. The Peeta voice is pitch perfect, it sounds exactly like what I imagine he would after the events of Mockingjay. I love how it charts this progress of healing for Peeta and Katniss both; they can't forget what they've been through but they're adjusting to living with it. I also like the brief glimpse of Annie (doing okay! <3) and that it goes with my super secret Gale OTP. :3 Basically I am adopting this fic as my own personal unseen Mockingjay canon.


Aug. 28th, 2010 10:57 pm
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Oh my God, this is my new favourite music video. I love everything about it. If it was a show I would watch it every week and read fic and mainline fanvids while waiting for season 2.

I love the LOOK she gives him in the car. Like oh my God I love my boyfriend but he is like ninjabait or something what with all the constant kidnappings. Seriously? How is this my life.

And how he sort of smiles at her after each rescue like umm sorry I know, what can I do? The ninjas, they keep coming.

I wish I wrote fic just so I could request this fandom for Yuletide next year.
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So I was working on that Susan Pevensie post I keep mentioning except then I got distracted by one of the greatest fic fests of ALL TIME.

SHAKESPEARE: a fic extravaganza

I don't know how it is that every single fill I've read so far has been awesome but they have. =DDDDD Run, don't walk.
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Two recs today: one old and one new!

Between the Bars This vid is from last year. I downloaded it then and I still sometimes get the urge to rewatch it so I figured I might as well rec. This is one where the lyrics just fit so PERFECTLY you have to wonder if someone wasn't thinking about the Arthurian legend when they wrote it. My favourite part of the vid's got to be this.

The people you've been before
That you don't want around anymore
Or that push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still

I love the way she cuts to footage of other incarnations of the Arthur legend (the people you've been before) and the idea of Merlin pushing them down. It really gives a sense of history to the legend. And while the song choice is brilliant this is one of the vids where you can watch it on mute (I just did, my mom's asleep) and the story is still clear to you. It reminds me a little of [ profile] obsessive24's Red with the hint of tragedy lurking around the edges -- the story's happened before and it'll happen again. Definitely give it a shot, it's one of my top vids.

Watershed And this is the one that's brand new! Fandom's produced quite a few Morgana vids, most of them brilliant. They do tend to use alot of the same footage though, probably because in season 2 especially there isn't that much Morgana footage to use. This still manages to feel fresh to me though. It's a vid that benefits from rewatching, I've seen it a few times and I still don't think I've caught everything it's trying to say. I particularly like the section tying Morgana in with the other magical women of Camelot. I think this is my favourite vid to come out of Vividcon this year.
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Oh my God guys. I try to remember the days when I didn't watch vids obsessively and I just didn't GET the fuss about vids.

My life was so empty and I never knew. =(((((

In other words watch Make Something Good. It's a Gwen-centric vid on Camelot's most epic kingdom building OT3. I don't even know how to rec this because it is so so BEAUTIFUL I don't even have words so please just believe me on it okay? Also it has the most gorgeous instrumental sequence. I'm pretty sure all of you have seen it already but if I bring this vid to just one new person's attention I will have done a good deed today.
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I just keep watching this over and over. It's like a concentrated shot of HI ZEINEB YOU REALLY LOVE THIS CAST A HELL OF A LOT, YOU SHOULD GO FIND ALL THE HAPPY FIC.

When will season 3 start again? Because I think it should be TOMORROW.


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