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Invicta - Awesome take on Aphrodite and Helen of Troy here. Aphrodite here reminds me alot of Desire from the Endless (in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series if you haven't heard of him/her. Also, read it) which makes perfect sense, they're the same sort of being. Also, it explains alot about why a woman in Helen of Troy's position would go off with an idiot (dude, I'm sorry but he totally is) like Paris and launch a Ten Year War.

this is not a chick flick - Retelling of the Persephone and Hades myth. Absolutely hilarious. I feel the title offers up a better summary than I ever could so I leave you at that.

There may be a few other gems, I wouldn't know, I haven't read them all yet. These two stand out as some of the best though.

Hp rec!

Jul. 29th, 2007 10:18 am
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So usually when I find good fanfiction I send it off to my friend Nav because she has an appreciation for Harry Potter fanfic which I highly approve of. :) Only lately I've been sending her tons of fic (it is summer, I have no life, this is established) so I thought, you silly person, why not post a rec on the journal? Besides, its an essay so why push my luck?

Sublimation and the Snitch

Okay, so essay as I mentioned earlier. Essay by Remus J. Lupin. Very clever essay by Lupin regarding Quidditch and sexuality in the wizarding world. Have I caught your attention yet? :D

Why do I love this fic? Well aside from the premise (if you have never snickered over broomstick related innuendo then you are obviously far more mature then me) it really sounds like Lupin. I love all the little digs he gets in at his professor for not letting him do all the research he wanted and the comments in the Appendix are GOLD. Also, please read the referencing notes, they are honestly some of the funniest things in the whole fic.

P.S. If nothing else, read it for Gordon, the bi-sexual werewolf gossip columnist. Please?
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What the hell Zeineb? Why did it take you over a week to get around to posting this? It's just you babbling about four stories! Babbling's supposed to be your specialty! )

Okay since I’m feeling guilty about not being able to give you a few recs (there was this AWESOME Chicago AU where it didn’t occur to me to save the URL because umm I’m a horrible person D=), you get a bonus fic!

Tanabata Jasmine by Nekotsuki This isn’t Saiyuki fic. This is Rurouni Kenshin. But seeing as it’s what I happen to be reading right now and this is a bonus you’ll have to excuse that.

See the remarkable thing about this fic is you don’t actually realize how absolutely amazing it is at first. The summary says: When Kenshin goes missing on the night of the Tanabata festival, will his friends be able to find him and bring him home? Not utterly horrible or anything but you don’t exactly expect anything revolutionary from that. And it does this to you throughout the fic. You just sort of read and keep reading because you’re really enjoying it and before you know it an hour has passed and your French homework is lying undone in front of you and you have to rush downstairs so your ride to school doesn’t ditch you.

Ahem. Well moving on from that oddly specific example: there are amazing things about this fic you only realize after you stop reading. Like ZOMG! Everybody’s so completely in character! And there is an OC villain who is likable! And it’s the author’s first fanfic in 12 years!

…Maybe we should kill her. People shouldn’t be able to write that well after such a long hiatus.

Point in favour: it’s ridiculously long and finished. I’m not actually done yet but if it keeps the same quality standard throughout as the first four chapters I do believe you’re in for an enjoyable read. :) Happy fic reading!
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10. It surprises you to find out that slash can also refer to a type of punctuation.

9. The idea of someone falling in love with the person who killed their best friend/family/clan/village doesn’t seem weird to you at all.

8. You start thinking that if your life was a fanfiction you’d write you and your best friend together. The gender of your best friend has absolutely no influence on this decision.

7. You start mentally referring to the head of your school’s Student Council as Mary-Sue.

6. The thought of someone being kind and generous with no selfish motives sounds absolutely ridiculous to you.

5. You believe two people can not argue with each other for any extended period of time without sexual tension building up between them. It just doesn’t happen.

4. Bed/Pillow sounds so boring to you. You much prefer Pillow/Curtain. :D

3. You have trouble figuring out which you value more: your soul or finally finishing up that 20 chapter fanfiction you started 3 years ago.

2. You come to your final exam with bags under your eyes because you stayed up all night reading the most AMAZING (insert pairing of choice here) story EVER.


1. You read all of these and:

a) They all applied to you or
b) You didn't find this whole list a profound waste of time.

XD So much fun, this was. Anyone want to contribute?
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Sorry [ profile] amari_sakura! I actually started on your drabble a long time ago, but it was getting big and not relating to the keyword at all so I had to scrap it. Luckily I got hit with an idea this morning so I wrote a new one.

It's under a hundred words! I'm so proud. :D )

This is my first drabble attempt that actually meets the definition of a drabble (100 words or less)! Next time I'll try for a hundred words precisely.
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I was going through the writing folder on my computer and I realized I never quite finished my 20 Facts on Hanabi. I'm posting them here before I go to [ profile] 20_truths so I can get suggestions and editing.

20 Little Known Facts About Hyuuga Hanabi )

And I just realized that I severely abuse italics in here. -_-; Nice Zeineb, nice.
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Pairing: NaruSaku
Keyword: Fire

This really went off-topic and also turned to toothache-type fluff but...

Sakura comes home and finds her kitchen table on fire. )

It's my first try at writing anything Naruto related. I hope it didn't totally suck!


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