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Hi Internet! Do you know what you need to do right now? You need to check out [ profile] kaigou's post introducing Zhang Yun Jing. And then you need to come back here so I can capslock about her without you looking at me strangely. Well, any more strangely then your average Internet declaration of love merits.

Also talk to me about how this vid should be a drama okay?

I have no idea if Zhang Yun Jing can act, I just really want to be able to watch her in things without trying to figure out the process of keeping up with pop star appearances. That was hard enough back when I was in bandom and people were actually writing me primers every other week.
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It's interesting looking for music videos I used to watch on Much Music. I associate them so strongly with the summer when I watched them, I remember the feel of it when I just watch a video.

Also, interesting which ones made an impression on me. I mean, really, catchy tune but a lyrical genius Shawn Desmon is not. And he's not actually as a good a dancer as I thought. xD

I'm also really curious as to what the hell the song's about. Does he like redheads? Dislike them? Feel an inexplicable attraction to them he just can't deny? Is it just me or did it look an awful lot like he was proposing collaring the woman at the end? (Yeah I know, he was pretending her dog died. But that's what it looked like)

The song lyrics seem to imply red hair = devil but he's all smiley faced after she gets her hair done. Although he does do that little 'blagh' look at the audience.

Oh whatever. Way to be inscrutable Shawn Desman.

I remember why I liked this one though. =D Imitating the dance moves! Maybe that's why Shawn Desman stuck with me, I like music vids with a coherent story but I also love straight up dance vids. Although, cue eyeroll at the 'check out my femme fetales which are mine' shots. That was always one of the things I found lame about the whole hip-hop/R & B/rap scene. If you are so set on aggrandizing yourself, fine, but could we limit it to cars and blings and stay away from people?
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Today we bought French bread at a bakery near my doctor's office. There was Italian and French, they both cost 45 cents a bun. My dad told me to chose: I like Italian but when we checked it was less fresh than the French. I like that bakery, I remember going there when I was younger after visiting the doctor; my mom would let me and Ahmed each pick one food item for a snack. They had these cupcakes with gummy bears, we used to always get them before we found out gummy bears had gelatin.

We went to the Shoppers Drug Mart nearby too because they sell something to do with nail clippers that my dad wanted. I was going through their books section, because it's books and that's where I naturally gravitate in any given situation.

When we finished it was around 1:00, we could have probably made it back to school in time for about half of fifth period. Didn't want to waste the gas though, so we just went straight home. My brother was here, I didn't know Linkin was having a half day.

Tomorrow's YAAV. Highlight of the week: I get to chill with good people, read or do homework once we've finished whatever we're doing for the day and as of last week eat pizza. =) If Sasha's back I'm maybe going to ask her about her spoken word poems. I know she competes and I've been working on a couple of poems so it'd be cool to talk with someone about that.

Maybe today I will sleep at a reasonable time. But maybe not.
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I'm wondering if Panic has a direct line to my brain or something. Because this is pretty much the most perfect music video ever for me (at this particular moment).

There is nothing I don't like about this video. I love the easy relaxed feel of the music, I love the way they have the lyrics showing up written everywhere, I love how pretty and odd the lyrics are (shut up, I can't help it if it matches the cd name), I love their clothing, and I love hearing Ryan's flat little voice singing.

In conclusion,
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This is pretty brilliant for a non-professional video. =)
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I can't remember if I've posted a link to this video. If I haven't well then wow, I suck because it's been one of my favourite things for weeks now.


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