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Does this show seriously expect me to support a 'hero' who practices torture? -side-eyes- You know maybe this episode isn't really worth blowing off homework for.

EDIT: Eleven minutes in and all I want is someone to take a flamethrower to Jack and blanket up Beth somewhere safe. I am nearly 100% certain the episode will end on the reveal that she had some sort of alien lifeform in her/was an alien all along and I don't care, that doesn't make this okay. Nothing makes this okay. Get off my screen Harkness, you horrible excuse for a person.
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Is there ever a True Blood episode where Tara's life is not the worst? I ask because YO SHOW WRITERS WHY CAN'T TARA HAVE NICE THINGS.

It is the HBO 'Adult' version of House of Night, no lie. I need to stop my masochism tango with terrible vampire fiction )

Angel 3.03

Dec. 14th, 2010 09:24 pm
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I really need good Gunn fic, this show fails at actually knowing what to do with him. >( I hear he gets an adorable OTP with Fred this season? Can anyone tell me when they start so I have something to look forward to? But no other spoilers please, I know a couple of things but not all and I'd like to keep it that way. That's why I'm not just checking wikipedia.
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Hey peeps. After breakfast this morning I found myself with some free time. How to fill it, I wondered. Perhaps I could watch the new episode of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and spend a happy hour cooing over my new fictional boyfriend? (Moon Jae-Shin, you’re so dreamy! Already my heart feels anticipatory woe thinking on how you are destined not to be with Yoon Hee. I cannot decide whether I prefer love triangle with two likeable candidates or with one good guy and one detestable guy. Because with one my heart is destined to be broken and with the other I can only frustratedly demand to know why guy the second is even a contender?)

However! I had to eliminate this thought because I did not have an hour, only about 45 minutes. What could I watch? I was already caught up on TVD and Nikita. And then I came across [ profile] hmsharmony’s post where she mentioned liking this week’s episode of Glee. It was up on Global whispered a traitorous voice in my head. Without commercials it’d be about 42 minutes. You can always fast-forward if things start getting particularly irritating.

Dear flist I succumbed. I think there is some part of me destined to keep watching Glee no matter how frustrating it gets. Perhaps I should simply accept this as part of myself. I suspect it is a close cousin to the part of me that keeps reading the House of Night books even though they remain unremittingly terrible.

This week’s episode got me thinking over one aspect of Glee that is particularly irritating for me. (Just one! I acknowledge there are many ways in which Glee is terrible but this one stood out to me in this episode in particular.)

I am continually surprised at how the fandom for this show manages to be fifty billion times better than its source material. )

So much negativity is bad for my soul. I think I'm going to go cleanse it with that episode of SKS I didn't get to in the morning. =)
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I think I'm as angry with Sunao ni Narenakute for this episode as I was horrified with Glee for Funk. Which was PRETTY HORRIFIED.


I take back all my Sunao pimpage by the way. Don't watch this show, it does terrible things. D=


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