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Is anyone on the flist doing Nano this year? I've never finished it but I always have fun making up worlds and characters I'll never fully write out. (I once managed two chapters one year! I was pretty proud of those two chapters, let me tell you.)

Not sure what I feel like not finishing this year, I'm thinking something along the line of teenage wizards. Which is original for me, considering my past two years were both variations on teenage superheroes. I like superheroes, what can I say. I read alot of Animorphs as a child (yes, I define superheroes a little loosely).
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We're not X-Men; they got all the useful mutations.
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So I was attempting to raise my wordcount today and I realized something. I'm writing the wrong story.

No, not wrong like the novel switch I did before wrong. Wrong as in I've been attempting to write about my characters directly AFTER the events I'm actually interested in. In essence, doing my sequel before I even had the first book.

Yeah, I felt pretty silly. xD


Nov. 9th, 2006 09:37 pm
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1948 words. Not bad considering I had to make up a new setting and characters as well, since I deleted all my old stuff 2 days ago (didn't do anything at all yesterday due to the science report of D0OM). I really want to re-write everything I just did but I am not going to let myself. Editing's for December. Once I start revising things, I'm going to be tempted to scrap it and I am not going through last week again (4 beginnings which never made it past 600 words). D: I'm going to try for 2500 words tomorrow, it should be easier now that I have a better idea of who my characters are. Note that I say characters. The plot still needs some work. Something along the lines of having one would help. XD

NaNo Help

Nov. 9th, 2006 07:13 pm
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Hey everyone. I have a favor to ask. The amount of characters in my story is starting to increase exponentially (hello new girl who is more then a little based on the Chinese girl - can not remember her name - from Earthcore). Unfortunately they don't seem to be coming with names attached. If you could comment with a few of your favourite girl and boy names I would be eternally grateful to you all. And umm you get the honour of knowing you contributed to my novel? Don't say that, no one wants to have any responsibility for something that doesn't even have a title yet. Perhaps I should just stick with huge heaps of love and appreciation? :D


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