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I can't remember if I've recced this before but this is not the sort of vid that can be recced too often!

Lullaby For a Stormy Night I just keep watching this over and over and it never loses its magic for me. Especially the part from Once even I was a little child/ And I was afraid -- it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Oh Eleven how so amazing? How so able to evoke such an emotional response from me when even Ten's epic angsting regenerating "I don't want to go' couldn't? (Well that's probably why really, that scene and Doomsday just veered too much into emotional manipulation territory for them to hit me. I mean Rose pounding on the wall! Ten's angstface! I knew I was SUPPOSED to be devastated but I am just contrary that way I guess). [ profile] hmsharmony, this is one of the vids I was telling you I really want you to check out once you've finished the season. Don't look at it now, it's full of spoilers.

<3333 Have I mentioned how fifth season Who is the season of my HEART? Because it is you know.

[ profile] metatardis: Also I love this comm immensely, the piece on Eleven as the "Unearthly Child" is my favourite meta since the Doctor Who-Neverending Story comparison I keep reccing.
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The Doctor Who finale airs today! I am full of anticipation and would quite like the clock to run a bit faster now. But since that seems unlikely to happen and I am not in possession of a TARDIS I am need of something to do while waiting for the episode. I COULD study for my exam Tuesday but that would be so out of character for me I would be frightened and begin to wonder if I've been secretly been replaced with an Auton. So instead you are all getting an Amy Pond rec post!

Eleven Amy Pond centric recs under the cut. Also some bonus meta on this season of Doctor Who. )

This was a really good timewaster! Especially considering I could not resist the urge to reread and watch everything I just recced. =) The stuff here is just my favourites, for more Amy Pond check out her character tag on my del.ici.ous.
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Yesterday [ profile] bookshop wrote a post about women in fandom and it was quite interesting. You should go read it now!

Please let's stop making ourselves choose. Let's write strong men *and* women, who love each other and love themselves, and fight and have sex or don't have sex, and who love other men, and other women, and who aren't stuck in gender roles that are as rigidly assigned in slash fandom as they are anywhere else.

Done? Awesome. I hope you read the comments too because there was some really good stuff there as well.

Anyways I'm writing this post because of an argument I saw pop up in the comments somewhere. The commenter was talking about how she isn't interested on certain female characters (Gwen from Merlin as an example) because they're written as perfect and without flaws. Now before I get into anything else I'd like to say I am not responding against that comment. It is perfectly cool if you're not into Gwen, not everybody is (sad but true. I've learned to accept it). But this argument about 'perfect' characters being boring and without flaws is one I've seen pop up alot in regards to Gwen and I've always wondered why I disagree with it so strongly. I mean obviously flawed characters are more interesting characters right? It's one of those truisms; you don't really question it because it's so patently obvious.

Except I don't really think it is. )

I don't know. I don't really feel like I've got my thoughts completely straight just yet but I'm posting anyways because I'd like to see what the rest of you have to say on the topic. How do you feel about flawed heros? Virtuous heroines? Genderswapped versions of both?


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