Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Aaaand that's 2015. Happy belated New Year to all. I've got some pretty statistics here, let's see how I did with my year's goals.

This year I read a total of 84 books, 132 volumes of comic books (manga included), watched 17 movies, and more television than I can be bothered to count.

Goal: Read 10% non-fiction. Depends how you count it. I read 11 non-fiction books, mostly memoirs. If I count books alone then that's 11/84 which slides in at 13%. If I don't cheat awfully and count comic books, I have 11/216 which makes a pathetic 5%. Goal half achieved? Will try again this year.

Goal: [community profile] 50books_poc scaled down: 30 POC-authored books. Read 32, goal achieved. Scale this up to try for 50 this year.

Goal: Read and review at least one literary book per month on my professional blog. Failed horribly, I didn't even do one. /o\ Forget the literary bit, I just want to revive my professional blog again. Will try to post at least once a month this year, can be either book reviews or any topic related to librarianship.

Goal: Try to watch more movies? Watched 13 last year, watched 17 this year. Success!

All in all, managed about half of what I wanted? And it was the easier half that did not require substantial changes to my habits. >_> I will try to do better in 2016! Let's move on to December's media as I quietly shuffle out of the room.

Books )

Books: 6
  romance: 3
  sff: 2
  non-fiction - memoir: 1
Manga/Comics: 17
[community profile] 50books_poc: 1

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