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Hahaha oh my God guys. My brother and I can be the most stubbornly competitive people in the UNIVERSE sometimes.

Okay, so how our days go is this. We wake up for suhoor at 4:25 AM, eat, pray around 5:00 and then go back to sleep. Today this plan got a little derailed because my brother and I somehow got into a competition to see who had picked up more Japanese vocabulary from our various modes of entertainment.

We stayed up playing this game for nearly THREE HOURS. >_> Neither of us would give in! Towards the end there were these super long pauses as we each wracked our brains for just one more word. Ahmed actually fell asleep during one of my turns and I poked him awake because no! He had to hear and acknowledge my victory!

But you know what guys? It's okay. Because victory tastes SWEET. =DDD

Kamen Rider spoilers for end of series. Also Keitai Sousaken 7 )
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...I think I might have to stop watching Kamen Rider Kabuto? Not because it isn't good because surprisingly it sort of is but because it makes me really hungry. T_T Oh my God, the FOOD in this show. I'm fasting! I do not need enticing clips of deliciousness!

Maybe I will just watch a little bit after iftar everyday? Though I'm not going to be able to marathon anymore then boo. =(

On that note do any of you guys have recommendations for shows/movies which stay in the PG range and will not make me hungry? I need more stuff to check out during Ramadan and alot of what's on my laptop is sort of inappropriate to watch while fasting. >_> Like I have Skins downloaded to check out but it's going to have to wait a month because these teens get up to SHENANIGANS.

Or maybe I will just rewatch this season of Doctor Who, it's not like I need an excuse. =DDDD
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Yaguruma has finally come back into the series! Except he's taken a long detour into Crazytown and started buying all his clothes at Hot Topic. T_T I miss the suits. What is this crazy black leather missing sleeves SPURS business?

-is now heading back to marathon since this show actually got genuinely COMPELLING about a dozen episode past-


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