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The year is already a QUARTER done (!!!! =O!) so this seems like a good time to evaluate my book challenge progress.

Goal: Read 10% non-fiction.
Progress: 14/54 books read so far are non-fiction. I am CRUSHING this. :D

Goal: [community profile] 50books_poc challenge
Result: 10 read so far. This could use a little work -- at this point I should have read 12 or 13 books to be on track -- but it's not far behind, I feel like I can make this work.

Goal: Read 50 books out of my Goodreads TBR list.
HAHAHAHA. My TBR's a monster...even as I make faltering attempts to read it down it grows ever larger...I will never be caught up...and anyways I've read 9 books so far so like [community profile] 50books_poc I am behind but not irrevocably so.

I also have a SECRET new challenge that I shall discuss later when I have made enough progress to evaluate whether it shall be something to be proud of or add to add the ever growing failed goals list. It is currently on track though! Overall I feel like if I read with just a little more focus I will totally be able to manage every book goal I've set this year.


17. The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace by Lynn Povich -- 4 stars (Non-fiction; history)
18. Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine -- 4.5 stars (Non-fiction; poetry) ([community profile] 50books_poc)
19. Ever After High: Once Upon a Time: A Story Collection by Shannon Hale -- 3 stars (Fiction; children's)
20. Draconitas by Alexis Hall -- 3 stars (Fiction; romance)
21. The Summer Palace by C. S. Pacat -- 3 stars (Fiction; romance)
22. The Moth & The Flame by Renee Ahdieh -- 3 stars (Fiction; YA) ([community profile] 50books_poc)
23. Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells: An Anthology of Gaslamp Fantasy edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling -- 3 stars (Fiction; fantasy)
24. Wanted, A Gentleman by K. J. Charles -- 4 stars (Fiction; romance)
25. The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom & Their Lover by Victoria Janssen -- 3.5 stars (Fiction; romance)
26. Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover If Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or Why Pie Is Not the Answer by Jen Lancaster -- 3 stars (Non-fiction; memoir)
27. The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini -- 3 stars (Fiction; literary) ([community profile] 50books_poc)
28. Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History by Sam Maggs -- 4 stars (Non-fiction; history)
29. How to Be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking Than Your Parents by Zac Bissonnette -- 3 stars (Non-fiction; finance)
30. Blue is a Darkness Weakened by Light by Sarah McCarry -- 3 stars (Fiction; literary)
31. French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano -- 3 stars (Non-fiction; health)
32. Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin -- 2.5 stars (Non-fiction; self-help)
33. Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny -- 3 stars (Fiction; contemporary)
34. Peter Darling by Austin Chant -- 5 stars (Fiction; fantasy)
35. The Terracotta Bride by Zen Cho -- 3 stars (Fiction; romance) ([community profile] 50books_poc)
36. Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma -- 3.5 stars (Fiction; fantasy) ([community profile] 50books_poc)

Graphic Novels/Comics

17. Princess Princess Volume 3 by Mikiyo Tsuda -- 2.5 stars
18. Strobe Edge Volume 6 by Io Sakisaka -- 4 stars

Books: 20
  non-fiction: 7
  literary: 2
  children's: 1
  contemporary: 1
  romance: 5
  fantasy: 3
  ya: 1
Manga/Comics: 2
[community profile] 50books_poc: 5


7. Hidden Figures* (March 3) -- 5 stars

Rewatch! My friend and I went intending to see Get Out but it was sold out so we did this instead. Still a fantastic movie. 5 stars

8. Get Out (March 23) -- 5 stars

What a smart entertaining movie. My theatre literally applauded at the end. 5 stars

9. Jupiter Ascending (March 25) -- 5 stars

Still hands down the best movie of 2015. 5 stars


Cardcaptor Sakura 1.25, 1.26, 1.27, 1.28, 1.29, 1.30, 1.31, 1.32, 1.33, 1.34, 1.35, 2.01
Naturally, Danny Seo 1.01
Powerless 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, 1.05
Riverdale 1.06, 1.07, 1.08
Speechless 1.09, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18
Steven Universe 1.05


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